Dry Cleaning Wedding Dress

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hollacia Posts: 422
have to post about an amazing supplier I have had the pleasure in dealing with and unfortunately a really negative experience I have had with another supplier. Before my experience I always assumed that dry cleaners did just that dry cleaned however unfortunately after my Vera Wang veil was destroyed by a ‘dry cleaner’ I realise this is not the case! I cannot urge you all enough that if you value your dress and veil research where you get it dry cleaned and ensure it is not just put in a washing machine as was done to my veil. If anybody wants to know the name of the supplier who destroyed my veil (by washing it) while advertising themselves as a Wedding dress dry cleaning specialist please PM me, they are a chain of dry cleaners and really should be avoided for Wedding dresses. Now I want to mention Harmony Dry Cleaners in Clondalkin (they are the dry cleaners Vera Wang, Brown Thomas use – that’s a recommendation in itself!) but I dealt with Paddy (owner) and his daughter Alison who are the nicest, most helpful people who went out of their way to help me and I really cannot recommend them enough. They are dry cleaning specialists and there is nothing about dry cleaning that they don’t know. They have been in the business for years and treat each garment like it’s their own. It’s rare you get such care attention in this day and age and I really cannot recommend them enough, your items will be treated like spun gold with them. Vera Wang kindly provided them with some material from my veil which they steamed (like the dry cleaners alleged they did to my veil) and needless to say it came out perfect showing that the original dry cleaners were not honest in their dealings. I hope this email helps somebody and feel free to ask any questions! :wv :wv
frankenbride Posts: 419
can you pm me the name of dodgy dry cleaner please also if not too rude can you send me the cost of the other dry cleaners as I am half thinking of doing that preserving your dress package that costs €150
hollacia Posts: 422
PM sent :wv
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
Would you mind sending me that PM please, trying to figure out how much cleaning costs. Hope they sort out the veil for you.
BarcaMay2012 Posts: 19
can you pm me the details of the dodgy cleaners and also how much you paid to get it done in the end please :)
Cupcakes12 Posts: 193
Hi would yo mind pming me the name of the dodgy cleaners also if you wouldnt mind telling me how much it cost for the dry cleaners in clondalkin i was recomended to go to them :wv
whitespirit Posts: 111
Hi, Can you please PM me the name of dodgy place too :o)ll
April13 Posts: 635
Hi could u pm me the name of the bad dry cleaners and could u pm me the price u paid of the good dry cleaners!!!! :)
mcmahonsdrycleaners Posts: 9
3 G's;; Good God Girls, all we can say is look at our many testimonals on our website and draw your own conclusions :wv We have arrived:)