DTD when pregnant. (sorry going anon)

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guest3456 Posts: 3
going anon for this i dont really know why. Is it just my husband that seems to be afraid to have s*x. I think he is afraid of hurting the baby. I know he still loves me but we havent DTD in a month and i think its because as bump is getting bigger its more real to him that there is a baby in there and he is afraid of hurting the baby am i the only one with this problem?
gemini chica Posts: 2581
I am 8 weeks and have only DTD 3 times I think its more me though as I can actually feel my cervix getting hit during it and am afraid this is bad, since then though I have been told I am not allowed due to carrying twins and an early bleed, but this is different circumstances. Maybe next doc's appt ask in front of DH so as he gets the doc saying its ok that way he may relax more and not worry, but I think its quite common for one or the other partner not to want to cos they are nervous of harming the baby.
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
this is totally normal esp if you are doing in positions that your partner is on top. After a while it gets very uncomfortable for you too You have to do other positions, I found spooning (lying beside each other with you facing away). I always found you could control how deep the penetration was this way. Some men are just worried the baby will be wacked in the head too :o0 Unless he got an implant and is a major porn star this won't happen :yelrotflmaosmilie: But also remember it can also be down to you as your partner might think you are not interested. You can still be sexy and be pregnant by wearing some sexy underwear. Pennies do lovely bras with the flowy bit over your belly. remember your boobs are getting bigger which most men love so flaunt them if you can Please talk to you husband as you might be pushing him away without knowing it.
guest3456 Posts: 3
we have discussed already that DTD wont harm the baby. i am just hoping that it is that reason and not that he doesnt find me attractive anymore.......... maybe I am just hormonal and i feel fat and very unattractive right now................ i am nearly afraid to ask him in case he says he isnt attracted to me :-8 . i know he wont say that but just would hate to hear it. i really ament making any sense tonight. O:| O:| must be the hormones sorry for the rambling i think maybe writing this down will make me realise i am being silly.
guest3456 Posts: 3
god i hope i ament pushing him away i will speak with him tomorrow about it i think. he is going to think i am mad :-8
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
guest it is totally normal to feel unattractive while pregnant as your whole body is changing and you have no control over it. I was exactly the same and I would cry myself to sleep as DH wouldn't "put the moves on" but after a big heart to heart he told me he didn't want to push it with me as he knew I was upset about my appearance and probably not interested in s*x and [i:14g2y1is]he[/i:14g2y1is] was the one that didn't want to get rejected again. You have to feel sexy yourself first and once you do you'll ooze it for him too. 9 months is a long time not to fix it asap. I know anytime we had s*x and I had climaxed babs would be doing summer salts in my belly and we would put our hands there and feel her for ages. It was these moment we would never experience at any other time of our lives.