Dublin city hall & Fallon and Byrne

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Carly Louise Posts: 2
Hi all :wv I’m hoping some of you may be able to shed some light on Fallon an Byrne for me, we are hoping to get married in city hall and wanted somewhere close to have the reception ... F&B seems popular but when I have looked it seems you can only choose one of each course ( on the budget we have ) So I’m wanting to know how that went down with your guests ? I don’t think I have been to a wedding where you don’t have a choice with food ? Is it a bit strange to just give your guests the food they might not even like ?! Does anyone have any other city suggestions for receptions ? We live in Aus, I’m English but he is from Dublin so around 40 guests from UK coming over ! Kind of stressful all this ! Haha Thanks in advance Carly
BuzzyBee92 Posts: 142
Hi Carly, I didn't use F&B, but I did get married in town and we didn't have a choice for Starter or dessert. I found nobody minded that there was no choice on either of those courses. My deal breaker for venues was I needed a choice for main, within budget. The Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel gave me that without costing extra. I can't recall if we subbed something else out the lady was just said "done." when I asked. Have you asked F&B if they can give a choice or instead of dessert (as you will probably have wedding cake too) have a choice in main. I think there is usually a secret vegetarian option too, ask about that too. As for other city venues, although I got married in town my husband did not want to stay in the city so we looked at venues that were accessible from the city. Oddly I recall the Westin and Hibernian club were able to create a package I could afford...we spent just over 15k last year Best of Luck x
Carly Louise Posts: 2
Thanks v much ! That’s really helpful I’ll send them a message I think and check out the other venues too ! Thanks :lvs :lvs