Dublin Civil Registration Office has opened 2013 book!

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tooyay Posts: 299
Hi Wollies Just to let you kno Dublin Civil Registration Office has opened the 2013 book! L :o)ll
lollypopwife Posts: 836
Thanks! :thnk How long before do people generally register? I mean I know there is a minimum but I don't want to leave it until then, whats a reasonable time frame?
moobear Posts: 1126
You have to give a min notice of 3 months to register your intent to marry. However if you are looking at a civil wedding you need to get booking as soon as possible. You can ring and make your appointment for next year and at least you are not trying to get an appointment with little time to spare You will probably not get until sometime next year but at least you will be organised
spaced2012 Posts: 275
I think you'd be getting a little ahead of yourself for booking intent to marry appointment now for next year! I got my appointment a few weeks ago for tomorrow...needs to be done by 15 march. however, if you are booking a registrar to marry you I would get on that book asap. my colleague said that dublin registrars are booked up for thursday & friday for the rest of the year! :ooh and they don't do saturdays.