Due date from LMP or from early scan?

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cuppatea Posts: 311
Hey, had my early scan yesterday and all well so far :) Based on my last period, I'm 8 weeks along, but the scan showed more like 7 weeks, which makes sense as I did think I may have ov'd a bit late that month. Anyhoo, anyone know does the hospital change your official due date based on a dating scan, or do they stick to the original date? Thinking ahead, it'll have implications for finishing up work and all that. Can't believe I have to wait an extra week before spilling the news now!!
galwaygirl2010 Posts: 2447
My early scans (6, 8 and 13 weeks) all gave my due date as 21st July, when I had my 20 week scan in the hospital the due date was showing as 24th July. They are sticking with the earlier date of 21st July as the early scan dates are more accurate for dating. It only changes if there is a difference of 7 days or more or so I was told.
Winter2012 Posts: 82
Goin by the dates of my last period I am due 29th oct, however when I went for my 12 week dating scan I was given a new due date of 1st Nov.i had my booking appointment after scan with the midwife and she said they were going to keep my due date as the 29th oct because there wss so little difference. I would hav rathered it was changed cos it does mean being of work that extra few days before wen im sure every day counts the other side wen I have to go back to work! Least I no I will prob go over haha.hope this helps
lollisue Posts: 507
The hospital will only change the date if there is a difference of 7 days or more between your dating scan and the LMP dates.
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I went on early scans both times. I have long cycles and my consultant preferred to go on the scan dates than the LMP dates. I think I was out by one day by the 20 week scan on my second, the first matched perfectly.
pinklady001 Posts: 268
I had an early scan that put me back about 9 days, the hospital are going with that date as the early scans are more accurate for dating.
cuppatea Posts: 311
Thanks guys, the scan out me back exactly 7 days so sounds like we'll be working to the new date from all the feedback. Bit annoyed to have lost a whole week, these 12 weeks are long enough without adding to them!