Due date on 2nd Pregnancy

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Mahal Posts: 86
Hi all, just wondering for those after having their second baby did ye go early/ on time/ late & was it similar to yer first pregnancy. I went early on my first, only by a day & was wondering or "hoping" that i may go early this time around also??
big mama Posts: 623
mahal on no 4 now so here is the run down ,,, no1 due 26/1 had 26/1 no2 due 29/7 had 30/7 no3 due 25/9 had 29/9 so as you can see i went backwards :eek :o0 i felt pretty much the same on all and maybe was a different shape thats all really!!! due no4 on the 18/11 and no sign yet !!!! hope you go early again xx