due in 2 weeks....dont want to go over

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babs76 Posts: 1000
As the Subject title says, I'm due in 2 weeks and I really dont want to go over but i know it' s really common with a first baby. I'm walking every day, sitting on my ball (~granted I could do this a little more), drinking the Raspberry Tea....no point in eating curries coz I eat them on a regular basis so my body is well used to them any thing else that worked for anyone?? I really dont want to be induced if i can help it
raspberry ripple Posts: 1809
I'm just a week behind you and would love to go on time but am resigning myself to the fact that we have NO control over when babs arrives so trying to stay cool about it! Easier said than done though :o0 Other things that I am trying as well as rasp leaf capsules and bouncing on ball: Fresh pineapple - does anyone know how much you are supposed to eat? DTD (DH will love this one) Walking as much as possible (or waddling in my case)
Daff Posts: 11644
I'm terrified of going over - and I've two days left (OMG that's just hit me!!! TBH I think i'll be going over, although I've been convinced all along that I'd be early) I've been doing everything. I've walked the earth (proper walking, but I walked/ran a lot before pregnancy, 9 months pregnant and DH finds it hard to keep up with me still). I bounce on that bloody ball til I'm dizzy, wolfing down the raspberry leaf tablets (recommended doses went out the window last week!). Resorted to DTD last night - which was a HUGE effort :hic Poor DH!!! Also started taking Evening Primrose OIl tablets as read they get things ready, and also yesterday started putting them 'down there' as apparently they thin cervix and are good for perianal massage (which I haven't really been doing :-8 ) Having hot hot showers too - in fact I'm going to go get a hot water bottle now and try and sweat this baby out :o0
babs76 Posts: 1000
we'll just have to cross our fingers that we all go on time!! keep me posted girls on your progress. My DH is away during the week at work so will nab him at the weekend, how i will actually manage DTD is anyone's guess but sure will try anything at this stage...off for a walk now :o)ll
WW1979 Posts: 181
I had my baby at the weekend, was at the hospital this day last week and had been taking the raspberry leaf tablets for a few weeks. Consultant told me she'd see me again this week, I was gutted, really didn't want to go over... Long story short, spoke to one of the midwives and said it to her, she told me to eat the fresh pineapple, told her I had eaten a full one the day before, so she said when they started their training the used to say 'hot curry, hot bath and hot sex' so went home, was so fed up didn't feel like any of the above but told the Oh he'd be expected to perform on Thursday... Soooooo, had the curry, had a hot bath with some clary sage oil, then dtd and nothing. Don't know what I was expecting, like as if ye can make it happen straight away, but lo and behold, Friday about 2pm I had a bit of a show, not bloody so was still thinking it wouldn't happen over the weekend. Went to bed about 12 on Friday night, woke at 2 with cramps, went to the loo and my waters broke... 24 hours later Ellen was born :lvs By my dates I was due the 28th but hospital had said the 30th all along, she was born at 1.49am on the 31st, so almost bang on time :) Best of luck :babydust:
im waiting Posts: 2727
I totally understand how your feeling! I went 2weeks over with dd and had to be induced. But this time around I'm trying not to dwell on it because baby will come out when it's ready. Even at 2weeks over due I can hand on heart say that dd was still NOT ready to come out as I was in labour for over 24 hours, she was in no distress whatsoever, intact she was fast asleep. Eventually after getting to 9 and half cms and still nothing was happening, they gave me a section. When she came out she looked totally peed off like were after taking her away from the most comfortable sleep or position you could ever have, I actually felt guilty for letting them take her out, she lay in my arms with a big thick face like she was telling me to feck off and put her back in!!!!! I've to find out next week if I'm going to be brought in for a section at 39 weeks as they reckon I'm having a big baby but if that's not the case and they want me to go myself then I'm going to focus on 8th march as an estimated induction date which is 10days after my due date. I think it's best to accept that baby will be here when it's ready or you'll have yourself driven dimented Just my opinion I know but I've been there so I can totally empathise with you.
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Hate to say it girls, but baby will come when he/she is ready. Best advise I can give is to keep busy. Plan something for every day to keep you occupied and not going bananas. And tell yourself that you will have your baby by X date at the very latest. Good luck!
Idina Posts: 1289
I agree with sleep monster. Nature will take it's course-anything else is conincidence! my sister went on time for all 4 of hers-nothign except nature. A friend of mine had her two early-again nature. I went over (and to be honest don't know why people are so bothered about it!) 40 weeks is only an average gestation. Studies show that it can in actual fact be anything from 36 to 44 weeks (although most doctors will only let you go 10 days over). The only think I found really bad was people constatly asking-"well any sign yet" >:o( >:o( And before you ask yes I was uncomfortable and no I wasn't sleeping at the end but I reckoned that he was staying in there for a reason (he was 10 lb's by the way sohe wasn't staying in there to grow :o0 )You should enjoy your time to yourself while you have it!
bubblybaby Posts: 98
HI!! I think that i read that you have to eat up to 7 pineapples for them to have any effect - so thats kinda out the window! I was determined to go early all the way through my pregnancy and now that its nearly time i think that i just want it to stay in there *) i'm terrified!!! I have loads of pineapples bought and rasp tea and i wont eat / drink them now :o0 i'm all talk!!! If you have stairs in the house I would run up and down them a few times, this was my plan! Up and down the stairs 10 times, try to do a few star jumps or squats or something, then hot bath, then hot curry then pineapple for desert - then repeat!!!!!!!!!!!!! x
babs76 Posts: 1000
Right I will get cracking on the pineapple & curry - God I will be stuffed! I'm getting little niggly cramps and have some back ache but nothing else besides that......as you say, babs will come when he/she is good and ready....will just have to keep hoping that it's sooner rather than later. I'm not stressing out too much about it, it's just my mum went early with all of us so i was thinking that i might follow in her footsteps......that's what put it all in my head. right off to bounce on the ball again (I'm going to take great pleasure in deflating that bloody ball in a few weeks time and storing it away in the attic....until next time :yelrotflmaosmilie: