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june10bride Posts: 29
Hi girls, Not sure if I should be posting this in feedback but I just thought I might get more replies in old faithful.I'm getting married in Dunboyne castle in june. :o)ll I'm meeting with wedding planner there at the weekend and I'm after some advice. Is there any brides out there who have had their wedding there that would have changed anything about the venue or could give me some advice about anything they werent happy with on the day. Or any future Dunboyne brides like myself-what are your concerns if any about the hotel??I dont want to be a bridezilla >:o) but I am very nervous about the whole thing as I have never been to a wedding there :-8 Any advise would be greatly appreciated! :lvs June10bride x
Babylou Posts: 724
Got married here in Jan this year. We got great deals when we negotiated different things with them. Sinead was great to deal with and couldn't do enough for us. Tom who was the manager on the day was excellent. Staff very professional. We had one issue and that was that the residents bar was closed when it was still full, but to be honest it was 4:30 am and it was probably no harm :eek We went for the meal tasting with my parents and when my dad wasn't happy with the cut of beef they oragnised another one....everyone raved about the food. Anything else you need to know pm me :wv
Goodfellas Posts: 979
What some couples don't think of is that bands come in and out of the bowels of these places all the time. Some of the venues are shiny at the front and grimy at the back. So its a good idea to ask the band what the underbelly of your hotel is like, if you have any worries. :) Dunboyne Castle is superb, and the staff are among the best we've ever come across. They're especially nice to the suppliers who come through their doors. A minority of places treat you like muck if you're a supplier, making it awkward to get in and out, making you wait outside the building, sometimes in the rain, not letting you have a sandwich if there's any over after the guests have been fed etc etc. One or two are so inhospitable that we feel we would rather not play there anymore. if you've driven across the country for a few hours, and like to be on site early so the couple can enjoy their dinner knowing you're there, that stuff makes a difference, believe me. And you want a happy band going on stage to entertain you and your guests. :o0 So anyone considering Dunboyne Castle..don't hesitate...DO IT!! Its defintely one of the best. :)
june10bride Posts: 29
thanks goodfellas you've really put my mind at ease! :o)ll Boomshakalaka I've PM'd you :)
littlemisslucky Posts: 221
Following on from what Goodfellas said..... A woman who works with my mum has a sister ( :yelrotflmaosmilie: a friend of a friend I know!) who is a singer in a wedding band and she said that Dunboyne is her favourite venue above them all. I think she said it wasn't just how well they are treated but also that she loves the venue itself. I will definately be going to their wedding fair on 7th March! I think it looks like a fab venue. :o)ll
workingmom Posts: 3429
Can't comment on weddings, we stayed there on a weekend break recently, my views, overpriced,overrated, 0 attention to detail, and smart-mouthed staff, maybe when you're paying them thousands for a few hours it's different.
ladybusby Posts: 575
Hi hate to say it but myself and 2 friends were all at seperate weddings there and had complaints about the food - cold, uncooked etc... Staff were lovely tho and room looked fab. Didn't stay over so can't comment on the bedrooms. Hope that helps *)
iwantone Posts: 176
Hi June10bride, We have just booked the hotel for our wedding in October this year. I think the hotel is fantastic and the staff so far have been very nice especially Melanie. I dont have any real big concerns about the venue to be honest. Have heard great reviews about the place from people who eat there regularly and from people who have attanded weddings there, I did hear the food was not so good when the hotel opened first but this seems to have improved. The best thing to me is that people do not have to leave the room to let the band set up and for the staff to change the room around. I am looking forward to having our wedding reception there :yelrotflmaosmilie:
Victorious Posts: 122
Hi all! Im getting married in July this year in Dunboyne castle. Personally I have found the staff very polite and helpful in booking and organising the reception. Im sure there may be the odd person who may not be as polite, but I think you'll find that everywhere, including top of the range places or whatever. As for the food, I have heard good reviews, some by big critics. The only thing they scrutinised was the presentation, but sure thats what the tasting is for. Any concerns can be voiced. As far as I know, the table arrangements are left in place around the dancefloor so theres no need to clear them for the evening entertainment. HTH :thnk
wifeynow Posts: 336
Hiya girls, we're getting married there in August this year and I can't wait :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll I absolutely love the venue, we've been dealing with Sinead and she has been so helpful and anytime we have been there all the staff have been friendly and helpful. H2b and I went for dinner in their restaurant on valentine's day but didn't tell them we were having our wedding there and I have to say the food was delicious nothing about the meal or the service we could fault.