Dunboyne Castle Nightclub Noise Level in Ball Room

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PartyBride2011 Posts: 2
Hi All Just wondering if anyone has either been to a wedding recently in Dunboyne Castle or has had there wedding there when the nightclub downstairs is open? If so did the noise from the nightclub affect the sound of the band and could you clearly hear that there was a nightclub underneath the room? We are looking to book Dunboyne Castle for our wedding and the nightclub is the only drawback at the moment!?! Thanks :-8
molly moo Posts: 363
Hi I was at a wedding in Dunboyne a few weeks ago and the night club didn't interfere at all with the band/DJ!! O-O Dunboyne is a lovely venue for a wedding, the food is fab and the apple pie for dessert is the nicest ever!!!! :o0 :o0
PartyBride2011 Posts: 2
Thanks Molly Moo good to hear. I just love Dunboyne Castle but dont want to know that there is a nightclub downstairs! i wonder why they decided to put in there in the first place, for such a nice hotel it doesnt make any sense O:|
Merlot x Posts: 101
Hi i had my wedding there the end of July (promise i will do my wedding report this weekend).... We did not notice or even here the nightclub once. I was really worried about it but i promise you not once did i think of it on the night!!! Fantastic day & night! The way i saw it in the end was if they did not put a nightclub in the hotel maybe the hotel would not have been around for my wedding! Ps the Baileys Cheese cake is delious :o0
ellybelly Posts: 305
Having had my reception in a hotel that has a niteclub underneath my one piece of advice would be to ask what the story is with people leaving the nightclub. My reason for this is that we held our reception in a hotel that had a nightclub connected and when the club was finished some of the people from the club came into the hotel and were in the resident bar. Now it was clear that they were locals and werent stayin in the hotel. They were a different kind of drunk than were the guests at the wedding iykwim and they were quite rowdy.
ddesmond Posts: 457
Got married there in june - was very concerned over the nightclub but to be honest didn't even notice it or anyone - hope you pick this venue...it was fab!!