Dunboyne Castle or Barberstown Castle

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Babylou Posts: 724
I can't decide help please wollies :wv [u:1ebmdc62]Dunboyne:[/u:1ebmdc62] Beautiful both Modern and old Cheaper for guests to stay Later bar ext Nice function room Fab Bridal suite [u:1ebmdc62]Barberstown[/u:1ebmdc62] Beautiful Old castle Nearly 100 extra for guests to stay Earlyish bar closing Absolutely stunning function room (nearly cried when I saw it) Ok bridal suite
Planning09 Posts: 10
Dunboyne's not a real castle so it depends on the feel you want. Dunboyne seemed to hold a lot more and has a much more modern feel to it. Barberstown has old authentic feel, but is quiet expensive to stay in for guests. Food is lovely in both.
watchthisspace Posts: 591
Got married in Dunboyne Castle and can't fault it on any level. Looked at Barberstown before Dunboyne but once we saw Dunboyne and met the people it was a definate for us :0) Hope this helps Good Luck :wv
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Barberstown all the way!!
ddesmond Posts: 457
we're getting married in Dunboyne in June and already can't fault the service we are getting. From other peoples opinions i have heard Bar-town castle isn't the best for seating in the function room (not sure what way the laid it out) we went to look at it too, but when we met the staff at dunboyne and saw the hotel, we were sold!! Good luck!!
sonopotere Posts: 1124
By the way the question is worded it seems you've kinda already made up your mind??? But for me its barberstown all the way, probably cos im after booking there. we wanted something that was just that bit different. to me dunboyne and pretty much most other hotels we've seen all look the same really once ya go into them, just a function room. but barberstown i think is completely different, one on its own. the setting just stole the decision for me. i know the prices are higher and there are some things that you don't get that you might in other hotels(but as regards to the late bar, i think everyone is wrecked at that time in the mornin anyway, so stopping it at that time just cuts out the messy drunks! plus ya can get up and have breakfast in the mornin together, or have another night out after and still be in ok condition, this is what we are doing), but it makes up for it in other areas. service/setting/theme/great reports/the BBQ/the country feel not far from dublin. dunno really, its millions of things for me. i never got the 'its the one' thing with my dress, but i did with my venue which is barberstown. but everyone is different and wants different things. go with what you really know you want.
Merlot x Posts: 101
Hi I am getting married in Dunboyne Catle in July. I went to view Barberstown too but wasn't gone on the layout of the funtion room. The head table was in a U shape which ment some people on the head table would have there backs to people and the people down on the sides were kinda seperate. It is a lovely venue tho. I just loved Dunboyne - i always wanted something modern and a bit of Old style too. So Dunyne ticked all the boxes for me :wv