Dunboyne Castle Wedding Fair, was it 2day??

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Belle09 Posts: 111
Hey, Anyone know if Dunboyne Castles wedding fair was today?? Oh no please say I didn't miss it??? This whole 28 days in Feb is just so confusing
happysparklybride Posts: 88
yes it was yesterday sorry :o( i went over and it was very busy. got tour and thought it was lovely. now have a provisional booking for there and also for killashee house which i love as well so a lot to think about this week. have you booked your wedding there?
thirdtimelucky Posts: 857
I was there and thought it was great. Lovely big glass of sparkling wine on arrival and lovely canapes while you were walking around, which was a nice touch. We have it booked anyway, but it was nice to see the place with a weddingy buzz going on. The tours of the bridal and presidential suite were great.
Belle09 Posts: 111
Hey, Ye I have it booked, would have loved to see the fair tho....I'm such a dope :o( :o( :o( Was there anything interesting going on?? Kilashee House is lovely too. I was sold on Dunboyne because of the photo ops if the weather is bad r u just don't want to spend 12 hours trapsing round places getting photos taken it's great.
happysparklybride Posts: 88
to be honest i don't think you missed an awful lot, i think most of these wedding fairs are the same anyway. we didn't spend a lot of time looking at the fashion show or talking to suppliers as we are in the (very) early planning stages still! the wedding co-ordinators we spoke to seemed lovely and the sparkling wine was a nice touch as another poster said. it is such a lovely venue and i agree with you about photo opps. we are going back to visit killashee and dunboyne this weekend before making our final decision (assuming the dates suit our local church too).