Dundrum House in Tipperary

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dec-girl Posts: 174
Hi all , I'm considering booking our wedding in Dundrum House in Tipperary for 2010- all of the people that I've spoken to who have been there had nothing but good things to say(including one bride), but then I gave a look at Tripadvisor.com to see what they had to say and it's 95 % bad ! Does anyone here have any past experiences they'd like to share??
wishin&hoping Posts: 3666
Hi my cousin's cousin got married there 2 weeks ago. The whole family raved about the food & the band. Also I have family that live in Dundrum. Everytime that they have a family function they have it in Dundrum House. I think it is a fab location & the food is always great.
mollie82 Posts: 95
I live very close to Dundrum House and it's great, one thing there is the food is always amazing, really great, the only reason i am not using it myself is that living so close to it, every social, etc were on there, so kinda overdone it. Gone to tons of weddings there and all fab, I have one prob with it, for such an amazing place I think the ballroom lets them down a little, it's more the lay out and there is nothing they can do with that, but that is only my opinion, :wv
dec-girl Posts: 174
Thanks guys thats great. mollie82 can I ask where you are going?? Any one got pictures of Dundrum??
mollie82 Posts: 95
no worries, i'm going to Aherlow myself, the food is not as good but love the place, don't have any pics but they must have a web site :o)ll
imgettinmarried Posts: 52
wishin&hoping Posts: 3666
Hi my aunt lives in the area & she said it to me at the weekend that it was suppose to have gone into receivership. In a way I am not surprised. Cos they were trying to sell it last year but sale fell through & lets be fair they haven't been pumping much money into it of late
29thDec09 Posts: 33
The rumours that have been circulated around the Dundrum area are false. It hasn't gone into receivership.
funkyfish Posts: 7626
its just ok!
mollie82 Posts: 95
aparently he has refinanced him self so all is ok, he was on the radio the other night saying that all was ok and the rumours were just that