Dunnes flowergirl shoes,query?

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kazza Posts: 156
Has anyone got those ballet style flowergirl pumps with sequins,from Dunnes?I just got them for my niece (along with the dress and cardi),in size 9,but she is size 9 and 1/2.The shoes only go up in full sizes and I think the 9 maybe too small and the 10,too big.Niece lives in the UK,so can't try them on till I go over at end of April.Does anyone know if these shoes are sized on the big side or the small side?I had to get them now in case they were gone in a few months time.
Mokey Posts: 576
Hi Kazza I was going to buy those shoes too but my dilemma is that one of my flowergirls lives in South Africa and I'm not sure what size to buy for her until I speak to her mother and the other is a size 8 but by Christmas, she'll probably be a size 9. Can't take the chance though, even though they're only €16. Suppose if I got one size bigger for both of them it should be ok. However, they're very similar to the shoes they always have in stock in Monsoon. But if I were you, I'd change the size to 10, happy days if they fit and no big deal if they don't - you could always go to Monsoon and get a pair there!
MrsSan Posts: 475
Hi Kazza, They are small fitting shoes because I bought them for my two flower girls who both normally take a size 8 but they are a size 9 in these!! If I were you i'd go with the size 10. HTH
kazza Posts: 156
Thanks both of you.I'll get the size 10,to be on the safe side.I have enough problems with womens shoes in Dunnes because they are all in 1/2 sizes.
Lara Posts: 334
Don't want to put a dampner on things but I was looking at these too and was going to get them. A friend (a devoted aunty and well used to buying kids' shoes and clothes) was with me and pointed out how hard and inflexible they were. She thought that they'd be too rigid and might hurt young feet. I'm sure ye know yourselves but just something to bear in mind.