Duties of the best man (and groomsman)

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Sally76 Posts: 525
Hi all, I can't seem to find a thread that I saw a while ago about the list of jobs/duties that the best man is supposed to do. Our best man is a great guy, bit he's very scatty and is the first to admit that...I was thinking it might be good to give him a clear idea of what's to be done on the day (before anyone might say that's very rude, he has asked me for this, so he's really trying!) If anyone could give us a run-down of the best man's jobs, that would be great. If there's a similar list of jobs for the groomsman, that would also be great. For instance, does the groomsman say a few words during the speeches? Thanks a million in advance O-O
stick Posts: 1229
personally to me the bestman get h2b tot he church on time (gonna be hishardest job) keeps h2b calm mind the rings say a few word before the meal
Sally76 Posts: 525
Thanks b2b0411, that's a good start. Does the best man also take responsibility for paying the church musicians, altar boys, band, photographer, etc? And also for making sure that any gifts/envelopes are put in a safe place?
stick Posts: 1229
i think i will get the estman to give either set of parents teh envelopes alothough i hope most guest if giving us cards give them after the weddin save on the stress of peopel ahing to look after them i think alot of peopel do get the grromsmen to pay the church, band etc on the day we plan on paying band by cheque a week before. photograpers final payment will be on recieving the pictures.
Sally76 Posts: 525
Thanks a million; I think I might try and pay a few people before the day, too. I just don't trust the best man to look after the presents/envelopes. Who usually drops the men's suits back to the shop, assuming the groom has gone on honeymoon before the shops open on a Monday (assuming it's a weekend wedding)? And after the Mass, who would be responsible for collecting things like the unity candles, marriage certificate, etc?
nearlytherenow Posts: 1072
i will deffo be getting ushers to drop back the suits i'll be sunning myself in thailand by then :o0 :o0 :o0
confusedmum2012 Posts: 325
The registrar told me it's the Best Mans job to bring the paperwork to the church to sign - although you might want to line up a parent to do that if you don't trust him enough! I'm planning to buy ours a 'jokey' book on duties of a best man with help on speeches etc before the wedding as I know he's very nervous and that might help him a bit.