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Grotty Dotty Posts: 751
Is it me or is this cheeky? Chatting to a friend this morning about my upcoming holiday. I am going to one of the Canary Islands so cheap ciggies. Straight away she said 'oh great you can bring me back 400 cigarettes' :ooh It would never occur to me to ask anybody to bring me back anything in their duty free allowance.
Busbybabe Posts: 562
Whatever about a friend, I just happened to be talking to some work mates who I don't hang around with normally. I mentioned that I was going to the Canaries. One of the girls then bided her time and pounced on me 5 mins before I finished up work handed me money and asked would I mind getting her ciggies. I was furious but couldn't say no >:o( I think once people hear you are going to The Canaries you will certainly be asked to get ciggies. It really is part of the curse. I wouldn't be too annoyed as there is such a huge difference in price I can understand why people would ask you to get them. the best thing is not to broadcast too loudly that you are going to the canaries!
tassajara Posts: 723
I would only ever ask a close friend to bring back duty free for me, and only if they have room or time to pick it up.
black pearl Posts: 3513
have an airline I.D and I always ask people when im pasiing thru do they want anything in duty free-we cannot buy booze or alcohol so its just perfume/make up etc, but to ask youto buy ciggs for them, what if you were getting them for your mum or someone, and you got done at customs on arrival for having too many, as they always keep an eye on the flights from the caneries for this reason, be careful if you are bringing them back xx
Jane Smith Posts: 3158
I've no issues with picking up duty free for friends, especially in line of make-up, creams etc. Alcohol maybe on way out if it means I've to lug it around with me while on hols but no problem on way back. I'd usually use up my quota for this though on myself. Wouldn't have any problem with cigs either. I don't smoke so would have an allowance going spare. Once that would be filled though if someone else asked I'd just say I'm already getting them for so and so. Likewise I'd have asked friends to get me perfume or moisturiser. Isn't that what friendship is all about?? :)
ninja next Posts: 1548
If you dont smoke & arent buying them for anyone else then I dont see it as being cheeky tbh, just as a friend looking for a favour.
Lucy Jordan Posts: 459
tis a bit cheeky, just tell her you'll bring the one pack, any chance you'd be able to pick me up some touche eclait no2 while you are there :o0
Grotty Dotty Posts: 751
Sarah 79 would you like some Gucci Perfume to go with that? :o0 I smoke myself and will be using mine and my DH's allowance on that. Coming from the Canaries I'm conscious the flights are watched. It has never occurred to me to ask any friend or family member to bring me back cigs, perfume, booze etc. Maybe I should start :o0
galwaygirl2010 Posts: 2447
I wouldnt have a problem brining back anything except cigarrettes. Im not a smoker so for some reason I hate the thought of having to buy them. A little weird, but definetly no ciggies coming back in my hands.
Mummy in Waiting Posts: 80
Mmm....yeh I think it is cheeky. 400 cigs is what, 4 sleeves? It could end up getting you done. Not worth the risk, would they do the same for you? I'd be tempted to just tell them to buy their own cigs. Wouldn't ask someone to bring anything back from dutyfree.