Dya think ignorance is bliss???

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laidback Posts: 224
I think I was much more relaxed on pg 1 because I didn't know what was ahead, I'm not really nervous this time but def thinking more! Btw had a lovely birth last time no complications etc but dunno if you can be that lucky twice!!! Anyone else feel the same???
DaisyDuck Posts: 29
Most definitely!!..I would be terrified going through it again!!.. I also had a uncomplicated natural birth..Saying that I'd still be terrified!!..
laidback Posts: 224
Haha! Thanx!!!! I wanted someone to say no you'll b grand!!! Lol :o0
Daff Posts: 11644
I'm way more relaxed this time round. All I did was worry non stop about everything last time. Well more aobut the birth and what it would be like afterwards etc. This time I know it's awful and there's nothing I can do about it :o0
Muse Posts: 1580
This is my first and I dont know what lies ahead, nor do I want to!!
DaisyDuck Posts: 29
[quote="Muse":3l5en9ud]This is my first and I dont know what lies ahead, nor do I want to!![/quote:3l5en9ud] Haha Muse thats what I used to say..Nobody will ever be able to explain what childbirth is like..It's impossible!!..
Muse Posts: 1580
:o0 I'll just suck it up on the day, whatever happens happens!
Heatherbelle Posts: 57
Laidback I could have written your post I feel the exact same way. I had a very uncomplcated birth with DD and I escaped stitches also, so I almost am convinced that this time it wont be as rosy.
Alwaysbroke Posts: 1140
Definitely first time around ignorance was bliss and like someone else mentioned nobody can ever actually tell you what it's like? I had a very uncomplicated natural birth on dd1. Was fully dilated getting to the hospital and had dd very quickly. This time around I was too busy to think much about it but like others felt that there was no way I could be that lucky twice? Well all in all my labour was 4hrs long on dd2. Midwife examined me and was 4cms dilated, brought us around to the delivery suite and told me to get into my clothes for the labour, relax, walk around etc and she'd be back shortly to check on me. She had only left the room when I had to tell dh to go get her again. I was trying to get my clothes off and get up on the bed at the same time. Literally 10mins after she told me I was only 4cm there was dd2. I had a much better recovery this time around even though I still had 2 stitches I wasn't anything near as sore or tender down there! So just to give you all some hope that yes it can be better the 2nd time round even if you thought you had it good the first time! Lol!
laidback Posts: 224
Thanks for the replies girls :thnk Hopefully it'll be all good again, once baby gets here safe & sound is the main thing!!! Thanks again :wv