dyeing shoes - DIY

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Snowqueen Posts: 345
I'm getting desperate now!! I can't find anywhere that will dye shoes other than their own brands, and covering them isn't an option because of the straps. Has anyone DIY dyed? Am I mad to try?
architec Posts: 1306
I'd look up the yellow pages and get a professional job. It may not turn out as you'd like. Having said that, my sister bought a pair of suede desert boots in the sales a couple of years ago for a fiver or something dirt cheap, because one was darker than the other. She left the darker one in the sun and faded it down over a few days, it worked a treat!! Maybe you could look in the sales where they'll have loads of old stock out, they'll have every colour known to humanity displayed.
newyearsevebride08 Posts: 27
not at the stage for looking for shoes yet, but i know for my debs, girls were going to the local crash repairs place (of all places!!) to get their shoes sprayed. they used the spray for spraying cars and even at that stage seemed to have loads of colours. is it your bridesmaids shoes you are looking to get dyed??? :wv