Dying again!

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Jawl Posts: 8881
Again I'm dying! It has just so happened that January and Feb so far have had a party/social event every fecking week. And it's going to be the same right up til Easter. Can't complain I guess. Woke up in fighting form this morning, was out all afternoon in the fresh air at a match, and came home at 5 and my hangover came along and bit me on the ass :hic :o0 I've the heating on full whack, in my pj's a fleecey house coat and waiting on h2b to come home a bit later with a chipper munch for me, to relieve this hangover :o0 I've had about 5 litres of water today, and one pee :o0
kenko Posts: 1430
Thats the way to do it Jawl :o0 Chipper food should help you. :wv
cremebrulee Posts: 8546
I know how you feel! Managed to sleep for most of the day and was dragged out of bed by DH to get food. We're cooking a grill and and I'm doying for it now.........
Jawl Posts: 8881
Oh the 50 million calories wil sort me alright O-O Yeah, I've been up though, got myself ready, hair and make up done and went to a match and for dinner then it cme and hit me :o0