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silíní Posts: 4219
That's great to have some proper research. I erred on the side of caution on everything because i couldnt find good research. I didn't use any perfume, hair dye, fake tan etc. Imagine what i looked like!!!!! :eek
mooky Posts: 1501
just back from the hairdresser - hadnt been since december... feels sooooo good *)
lastminutebride Posts: 785
I switched from semi-permanent colour to highlights, where the dye doesn't touch the skin. I seriously doubt it makes any difference, but it gave me an excuse to try something different!
Joleigh Posts: 4242
[quote:1hgutzt0]I'd be careful about taking the word of a hairdresser for any medical questions. I think you are safer to ask a medical professional such as your GP etc and make your decision then. A hairdresser is not qualified to give advice about what is safe in pregnancy I think. S[/quote:1hgutzt0] I had already asked my doc and she said theres not enough evidence to say if hair dye can harm baby, and my hairdresser agreed! She also said she coloured many pregnant womens hair and held their healthy babies afterwards.