Ear aches

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Mrs Magoo Posts: 475
I'm feeling miserable today. Got really bad ear aches and feeling really exhausted. Would love to go home and tuck myself into bed now. :o( Are there any natural remedies for ear ache?
Angel2 Posts: 787
Oh Magoo, you poor love. I'm not sure if there are any natural remedies to be honest but I'm sure one of the girls will be able to advise you. Just wanted to say if you get any worse you should ask your boss if you can go home and snuggle up in bed for the day. Take care.
Mrs Magoo Posts: 475
Thanks Angel2 :wv - just had a big jucy orange and it has perked me up at bit. Will try to stick it out. I'll go for a walk a lunch to get some fresh air. Mind over matter. Will be in bed early tonight for sure.
Idina Posts: 1289
Found this-I take no responsibilty for it though! * Earache Earaches can be caused by mild infection or a change in altitude. Here are some ways to relieve the pain associated with this problem. 1. Sooth the ear with the warm, not the hot setting, of a hairdryer. Now be careful and make sure it is on the warm setting. 2. If you puncture a piece of garlic and pour the juice in the ear it will help to take the pain away. Garlic has a natural antibiotic, so use it, and see if it helps. 3. If the ache is from altitude change, just chew gum or yawn to relieve the pain. 4. If you get it from swimming, usually called, swimmer's ear, just put some mineral oil in before going in the water. This should help the condition. 5. If the pain is bad and doesn't go away quickly, make sure you go to the doctor, he can give you an antibiotic to cure this problem. * Ear Wax Excessive earwax can cause hearing problems and can cause pain. Here are a few tips to help you out. 1. A capful of hydrogen peroxide in each ear, let it set for a minute or two, and then let it drain out. It is a very odd sensation, but that's it working. Mineral oil also works. Here is another little tip, I tried using garlic oil and you can get that from a health food store. I find that this works the best. 2. After you take a shower or bath, blow dry your ears instead of rubbing them. One drop of alcohol after bathing can also prevent excessive earwax. 3. DO NOT remove earwax using anything that you stick in your ear, it is very dangerous and you can puncture your eardrum, so I repeat again, DO NOT do it. 4. If all these small things don't work go to the doctor and get a professional flushing.
Mrs Magoo Posts: 475
Wow thistle thanks. Very helpful information. Cheers