Early childhood payment due soon?

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Ducky Posts: 2506
Hiya, Probably should be in mums section but often the pg girls are more up to date with the world... :-8 Are we due a quarterly 250 childhood payment soon? Tough month, could do with it!!
charli Posts: 5994
Ducky afaik it is this monday - first monday of the month that it is due so 8th October!!!!! most welcome is right!
007Babs Posts: 417
Girls, can I ask, how do you sign up for this once baby comes?
charli Posts: 5994
im not sure as it was only introduced last year so i just started getting it as they had my daughters details and bank details from Child Benefit perhaps when you fill up form or whatever for the CB you will automatically start getting this at the next quarter as well
2006wedding Posts: 965
good question 007Babs... does this come to you automatically once you register for the childrens benefit or do you have to apply separately?
mummy bear Posts: 3824
payment due Mon 8th and the next one is 10th December yipeeeeeee :o)ll :o)ll 2006wedding when you register the baby and send off their birth cert for child benefit you are automatically down for the early childcare supplement too. i am hoping to get it for dec for new babs will have to wait and see! HTH
2006wedding Posts: 965
Thanks Mummy Bear!
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Once you register the birth, this is automatic - and you get it for the quarter that your baby is born in.....DD was born in December, so I thought we'd get the first in in April (for Jan-April), but we got it for Oct - Dec. We didn't get it in December though, as it wasn't all set up in time - we got in early Feb, as well as 3 months Child Benefit all at once :o0
Tigletts Posts: 2904
I still haven't got round to getting DS birth cert O:| Is this backdated??!!
jellybaby Posts: 2316
[quote="Tigletts":1i3skdcy]Is this backdated??!![/quote:1i3skdcy] Should be - you will prob just have to wait a while to get it once you register the birth.