Early Labour-advise needed

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honeybunch Posts: 1218
Hi girls, A bit of an exageration in the title but was hoping for some info from those of you that my have been in early labour/had a preemie. I was getting pains every evening for the passed three evenings. Thought these were Braxton Hicks. They were very bad last night though. Don't think I slept a bit(or DH). Anyway, didn't want to be overreacting as they were gone by day and I had appointment today anyway to see consultant. So, told them about pains, they wanted to do a quick internal just to be on the safe side. Turns out I'm 1cm dilated Was not expecting that. They have no beds in CUMH so couldn't be kept in. They gave me steroid injection for babies lungs incase I go early and going back up for another one tomorrow unless pains come back tonight and then should go straight in!!! Really don't know what to think. If I do go early, will baby be okay? I'm feeling fine now so maybe that's the end of it? Will the 1cm close up then? Just hoping for some reassurance please :wv
redwifey Posts: 2932
Hello Hope you are doing ok. Same thing happened me, was getting pains at 30+4 in lower back and tummy cramps, went on for 2 days so went and got it checked and they told me I was 2cm dilated!! I was admitted immediately, got steroid injection and put on bedrest for 3 weeks on hospital until they left me home. Managed to last another week at home and my DS arrived at 34+5. He was absolutely perfect, 5lbs 5oz, spent 8 days in neonatal and then came home. He has thrived since then, has caught up all his weight and nothing at all wrong with him. I would advise you to go on complete bedrest, do absolutely nothing as being up moving around will cause pressure on your cervix and might make it open that bit more. Try and get somebody, maybe your mam?, to come over during the day to make you lunch etc but literally stay in bed/on the couch and take it easy. Every day you keep baby in at this stage is a bonus, consultant was happy once I got to 34 weeks though your baby will be absolutely fine at this stage. PM me if you need any other advice, hope you are doing ok, I know how worrying it is.
honeybunch Posts: 1218
Oh redwifey, thank you so much for that. It's funny, the hospital told me to carry on as normal. Does make more sense to rest though for reason that you stated. Thanks again for the reassurance :thnk
redwifey Posts: 2932
That's gas that they told you to carry on as normal. I know my cervix was thinning so any pressure on it would have caused it to thin that bit more and dilate so maybe you are different. I am in Limerick so maybe they are a bit more cautious up here..... :o0 It would do you no harm anyway to rest up and take things a bit easier though it's possible to be 1cm dilated for weeks before active labour begins. They obviously aren't too worried if they haven't confined you to bed so that's a great sign for the baby. Mind yourself and take it easy, let me know how you go and feel free to get in contact. Enjoy your babyless time because it all goes a bit mad once he/she arrives. Everyone told me that once I was on bedrest and I thought they were mad, would love a few hours in bed now with nobody looking for me (not really!).
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
I've heard that you can be dilated from quite early? See here: And here it says: You can be partially dilated and effaced for weeks before going into labor, but you could also go into labor without any dilation or effacement. So maybe you might deliver at 36 weeks or so? Or even later? At 32 weeks your baby is probably above the 'magic' 3.5lbs. Although many preemies under this weight go on to develop perfectly normally, weights of 3.5lbs and above are associated with the best outcomes (e.g. lighter babies might have some developmental delay, although many would catch up with their peers as they grew older). Your baby would probably need special care if it came now but would most likely be A-OK in a few short weeks!
honeybunch Posts: 1218
Thanks mrsbean, I had a scan about a month ago and baby was almost 3lb so hopefully is a good size now just incase. Redwifey, they said that the cervix wasn't thinned at all just open. Think I'll take it easy just incase. Feel much better now after your responses girls. :wv
bumble bee 99 Posts: 101
Honeybunch, The same thing has happened to me i have my story in Oct forum.I am 1cm dilated and my cervix is short which means thinned out. I got the steroids so fine too. Once you have steroids baby be fine and i d say babys weight is fine too if it was tat a few weeks ago. I am a midwife myself and if i was u i wouldnt overdo it id take it very easy i have been advised on complete bedrest. Cause every day will make such a diffference to babs now. Even if babs is born now will be fine lungs developed etc. but would have 2 go to baby unit cause of gestation Honeybunch take it easy i work usuallly 13 hour days on feet so prob didnt help. Keep us posted if ya want any info pM me.