Early pains - what were they like for you guys?

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yikesJune08 Posts: 395
Hi Girls, Just following Mrs D over to P&B, very early for me, nearly 3 weeks (since day 1 of cycle) So happy to be joining all you luckly girls!!!!!!! I have been having lots of strange pains, like muscle pulling and some of teh pains are very much like AF pains, so Im so afraid that it might be lost and also that I cant tell the diference between normal pains and pains that might mean that something is wrong, Just wondering what kind of pains you girls had in the early days? hopefully to set m mind at rest, Thanks a million, C
jojojune Posts: 178
Hi yikesjune08, I personally experienced a lot of this kind of twinges and cramps and was so hyper-vigilent due to my history of m/c but fingers crossed I've reached 12 weeks! So yep they do sound like what I experienced and congratultions on the BFP!!! Lots of thoughts for you, jojojune
Mrs Beasley Posts: 589
I had period like pains - was convinced my period was on the way, but it turned out I was pregnant! This continued sporadically for a number of weeks.
yikesJune08 Posts: 395
Hi There Girls, Thanks for the messages, do feel better with the reassurance, Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, :wv C
Finished here Posts: 2860
Hi Yikes congrats and welcome to P&B yes i had a lot of cramping for at least the first four to five weeks and sometimes it was quiet bad then the odd time i had stitches or the pain was only on one side and i worried about everything from chemical pregnancy, to miscarriage to ectopic but last week we had our first scan and the clever little one is in the exact right place with a strong heartbeat. Some people experience the cramps for most of the first trimester or with others the come and go so as far as i am concerned its all normal unless there is red blood - cos you may also notice tinged mucus from time to time and this too it seems is normal. Take care and no matter how silly it might seem ask any question here you want - my theory is that not asking leads to more stress and this is exactly what you want to avoid :lvs :lvs
doolittle Posts: 910
Hi I never got AF pains so the first 6 weeks of pregnancy were unchartered waters...I was walking the floors at night tryint to relieve the cramps...but by about 10 weeks they had eased off. I always found I felt them at night and not during the day though but all is well!
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
Welcome :wv im at 6 weeks now and have quite bad cramps every day, sometimes in lower back and other times in my tummy and the odd time in my groin area :o( i get so worried as i have had previous miscarriages but i had a scan last week and all was as it should be. I have another scan on thursday so hopefully i'll be back to update you that all the cramps are normal-im sure they are just stretching pains
yikesJune08 Posts: 395
Hi All, Im so glad I asked the question!! thanks for all the replies, and Hi fat Frog and Cheer Bear, great to be joining you over here, So glad that you all experienced/are experiencing the same thing, feel so much better now, Thanks a million girls!!! :wv c