early pregancy symptoms

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waitingpatiently Posts: 63
Hi Ladies, I know this is technically the wrong forum as i am currently ttc but as you ladies are all over the ttc i reckon you will have the best advise. Basically i am wondering how soon did you think you were pregnant and what were your main symptoms that made you think this? I know all the usual - morning sickness, sore boobs, missed period etc etc but on all the sites it really only starts talking about these from 4 weeks on. Did you have any early early symptoms that made you think - Wow i could be, even if it was too early to test? Thanks in advance ladies - this ttc business really ain't all that easy. WP
futuremama Posts: 273
Hi wp, Can't help from own experience because I'm only tcc too :wv but have you seen the graduate bfp symptoms sticky on the TCC board? It has exactly what your looking for! Be warned you will be reading for hours!!! :babydust:
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
On my first pregnancy, I remember my boss coming to my desk with his cup of tea. I was only on my 2ww, but I thought the smell of the tea was vile and I really thought I was going to throw up. On my 2nd pregnancy, I had no symptoms that I remember. On this pregnancy, I had really vivid dreams on the 2nd week of the 2ww. As I had vivid dreams during both my last pregnancies I was sure I was pregnant.....and obviously was. I hope your ttcing journey is a short and happy one :babydust:
bride20091 Posts: 140
Hi I had no early sympthons at all, other than the test I felt nothing for ages, would have been about 8 weeks before ms crept in, although when I did announce to my family they said they suspected because I was so pale... Hope you get your bfp soon xx
Akela Posts: 84
I felt weak and dizzy for about 5 minutes about 4 days before my BFP. I had no other symptoms this time, no sore boobs, just really tired. On my first baby I had really bad gas the day before my BFP and was extermely thirsty. :babydust:
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
I got really tired all of a sudden the night before my BFP and I remember my legs getting really restlesss, we were out that night. I got cramps the next day and thought it was my period coming but it hadn't arrived by that evening so i did a test and it was positive. My cramps continued for about 3 weeks on and off then.
Widget Posts: 46
Hi there, I was actively trying so knew where i was in my cycle - exactly!! From 3DPO i had very sore boobs and a real sense of fatigue - around 7-10 DPO i was falling asleep in front of the TV about 8.30 which was very unusual for me!! Hope that helps x x
waitingpatiently Posts: 63
thanks for the replies girls. I'll definately take a look at the graduate bfp symptoms - can't believe i've missed that sticky. I don't think this is my month - don't really feel any "different" but here's hoping - only 6 more days till af is due so we'll soon see!!!!
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
Metallic taste in my mouth was mine both times, also got really dizzy and faint on this pg not with DD though Good luck and try not to torment urself !!! We've all been there
papillon Posts: 1305
10 days DPO: serious thirst and major bloat (which hasn't shifted btw O:| ) were the only symptoms I had