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vivaladiva Posts: 864
Hey all, its been quite a few yrs since id my ds and im very nervous about this pregancy thats alls goin ok so far! Im thinkin of an early scan. Any of you had them?! If so what stage were ya at?! Were they worth it?! cd ya see anythin?! Hear heart?!
Dora the explorer Posts: 1570
Hiya, I defo would go for one, go around the 8-9 week mark and you should see a heartbeat then which would put your mind at ease mind yourself
Emme Posts: 4735
Hi Viva, I had one at 6 - showed nothing but empty pregnancy sac :o( Horrible week wait! At 7 the heartbeat was just this little flicker - very reassuring! Both of those were vaginal. Then last one was at 10 weeks and could see baby very clearly. They're both below! It wouldn't have occured to me to have a scan before 12 weeks except for the doc has a scanning machine in the office but it's certainly nice telling people knowing there's a little something in there! [img:dren92so]http://i420.photobucket.com/albums/pp288/Deelittle_2008/Picture.jpg[/img:dren92so] [img:dren92so]http://i420.photobucket.com/albums/pp288/Deelittle_2008/Picture002.jpg[/img:dren92so]
vivaladiva Posts: 864
God im gone all gooey now!!! lol!! Ah theyre lovely emme!!!!!!! Esp last one!!! can i ask why ud to have them internally instead of externaly?! Is that not v umcomfy?! Yeah i think ur right Dora, might go about 9 wks ish!
Emme Posts: 4735
I actually didn't have a full bladder for the last one there :-8 as I thought it was going to be vaginal and it was tummy so the pic isn't great but at that stage (I'd say from 8 weeks on actually) I doubt you'd need a vaginal. The vaginal was cause I was so early at the first two. It wasn't that bad at all really. I was innocent going in so I didn't have to deal with the thoughts of it and just got on with it! It's very discreet really and when you see the heartbeat you really don't care how you get to see it!
lilyprimrose Posts: 15
Hiya, I had an early scan at 10 weeks in a place in Swords called B*byscan. It was great! Got to see/hear the heartbeat beating away, was such a relief and reassurance having worried away the first 10 weeks! Got a few print outs of the scan and a report for my gp. Cost €120 and got a discount on the 3D4D later which was also brill! Was great to be able to show friends and family the pics when we told them all at 12 weeks! Think they do them from 8 weeks onwards as heartbeat isnt always there till 8 weeks. It kind of made the whole pregnancy real if you know what I mean at that stage. It was an external scan so no discomfort thankfully! The internal scan is for when you are earlier on in the pregnancy, like Emme at six weeks, but they can't always find the heartbeat at that stage, so better to wait till 8 weeks at least so you don't worry yourself! Best of luck viva la diva!
vivaladiva Posts: 864
Id a look at that site alright lilyprimrose but thought it was jus for 3d n 4d later on scans like! N cdnt see price for a normal early scan! Did you wait long to get your scan done when u made ur appt?! Swords wd be nearer to me in Louth! Was gonna go to ultrasound dimentions in blackrock!
lilyprimrose Posts: 15
Just had a look there on their webiste and you're right, the early scans aren't advertised on the website, musn't have updated it. I saw that they did them from an ad on rollercoaster.ie. They definitely do them, and would def be handier for you if you're coming up from Louth, they're right beside the airport in Swords. PM me and I can fish out their number for you if you want.
bumble Posts: 1980
Emme your scan pics are brilliant!! Oh I am so excited now i am having one at 9weeks and can't wait!!!! :o)ll
lisa Posts: 1612
I went for private scan at 9.5 weeks in Limerick.It was fantastic. In fact his ultrasound machine was so much better than my Gynaes that that scan was much clearer than my 14 week one last monday. I thought it was worth every cent. It was lovely breaking the news to people having seen my babs.