Early scan:heartbeat but a few days behind

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mumsy2 Posts: 62
hi all.went for an early scan last thurs just for reassurance as my sis was getting married on sat and wanted to know how/if my pregnancy was viable.with my dates i thought i was somewhere between 7w 4d and 7 w 6 d but the consultant put me at 7wks exactly.he said not to worry as the heart beat was strong, but i can't but do that. i know on ds on scans they put me behind too in the early scans, and now i'm begining to worry if i'm to blame for this ie am i doing something wrong. i eat well etc etc so what am i doing wrong.
gemini chica Posts: 2581
I am not sure of this but this is just my own theory, when the egg implants is between 7-10 days approximately it can be a longer window, after implantation is when it begins to grow so for each pregnancy it can be quicker or longer starting to grow from implantation time. I am 100% sure of my dates but I am measuring 3 days ahead of these dates! I wouldnt think its anything we do/don't so I think its just the process it all takes. We are just lucky in this day and age that we they can be so precise! I really would no worry yourself about it.
phananta Posts: 330
I had a scan at what I thought was 6w 6d and there was a heartbeat but measured 6w 0d so I thought this was a really bad sign, but by my 12 week dating scan my dates were moved forward back to what I originally thought. I think that so early on it can be difficult to measure them accurately because they are so small and if they are out by 1mm this could make a few days difference. And the little beans probably all grow at different rates too, so I wouldn't worry, the strong heartbeat is the main thing :lvs
milis Posts: 7998
2 days is not a lot of difference, if you think about it, it may only be 26 hours difference in when you Ov'ed. Really, don't worry about this, I know it's hard. Like Gemini Chica, I'm fully sure of my dates, but baba is measuring ahead on some measurements.
Ivy F Posts: 2023
I also measured about 6 days less than my dates, Mumsy2, & my conception date was quite accurate thanks to the IVF! It seems to just be a very rough estimate at this stage. I'm sure that we'll more than catch up as time goes on, don't worry! *)
Babystar Posts: 195
Don't worry at all. I am 100% sure of when I ovulated but they still moved my dates by a few days. As others said implanation can take a different length of time in each person, ov could be slightly different than what you think, and babies just grow at very slightly different rates. its just an approximation, so don't worry at all. Apparently they can keep moving the dates all through the pregnancy!
bunnyhop1 Posts: 419
I agree totally with the girls...there is nothing to worry about!! I had to have a scan 2 weeks ago( little panic but all ok!!!)and the doc had put me at 9w5d but hospital had me at 8w3d :eek so they can be really out sometimes!! how alll goes well for u!! and enjoy the wedding :wv