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little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
We have our early scan on Thursday. I am so nervous. My eyes fill with tears when I think about it. I am just praying it goes ok for us. I have a few questions to ask, what do I expect with this first scan? I'll be 8 weeks and 2 days on day of scan. Will it be an ultrasound or internal? Will anything else be done other than scan? I am private and going to gyne's rooms to get scan done. Glad of this because I hate the maternity hospital and less chance of meeting anyone we know. Any advice anyone has who had early scan done, I would be so grateful to get. I am so nervous.
mrsjay Posts: 190
hiya little mrs sunshine first off just wanted to say i was delighted to hear of your bfp! congratulations. my first scan, well second really (first was at 4 and pretty much nothing could be seen) was also at 8 weeks and it was such a relief to see that everything is going so well. it was an internal scan but to be honest i couldn't see anything barr a white patch on an otherwise completely black/grey screen. the white area was flashing and the guy who did the scan told me that that was the heartbeat. i didn't hear the heartbeat at that scan. basically, what they did was measure the baby, confirm the heart was beating and calculate the age. oh yeah, they tell you how many little babes are in their too! they printed off a picture for me and that was that! it was very quick but reassuring to know that the baby was alive and kicking. the next scan at 12 weeks was a completely different ball game though - we got to see the baby moving and stretching and the doctors could confirm that all the organs, bones etc. were formed/ing. we also got to hear the heartbeat at this stage which was just breathtaking. they check where the placenta is lying too at this scan. as far as i can remember, what i learned from the first scan was the age, length and number of babies and that the heart was beating. best of luck and let us know how it goes!!!
Topolino Posts: 1659
Hi Little Miss Sunshine and congratulations! I've just answered a similar question by Agie (Please Reply topic just up the page). Anyway, I had my first scan at 8 weeks too and saw twins! Apart from that it was just like Mrsjay said. I got pictures too and could make out the two foetuses and the sacs. They didn't do an internal - just rubbed the stuff on my belly and I saw the images on the screen. Best of luck and enjoy!
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Hi LMS, don't worry you'll be fine. I had my scan at 7 weeks, you could see the yolk sac and the baby, although it was hard to make at which end was up, until it was explained. We could see the heart flicker and got to hear it, it was wonderful. I think the equipment used was very good though. It was really clear. I didn't have an internal. I think sometimes this might be an option if you're a little heavier.. but I'm sure there's other reasons too. I was told to come with a full bladder, which is supposed to push the uterus into a better viewing position and the liquid is easier to see through, or something. We got dates checked too. There was nothing else checked for us, but we were only going for private scan. Best of luck hon, I'm sure it will be wonderful.
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Thanks girls. I feel sick with the nerves.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Best of luck pet. I was the same at my early scan. I was so terrified I just lay rigid in the bed and wouldn't even look at the screen for ages. They took a little while to find the heartbeat too - maybe 10 seconds but they were the longest 10 seconds of my life! It was v. hard to make out anything else but all you need to know at this stage is that the heart is beating away. I'm sure all will be fine - I'll keep you in my thoughts.
mammybean Posts: 10364
It will all be fine LMS. i would love to say dont be worrying but i have worried / been nervous going into every scan so far. good luck xx
charli Posts: 5994
[img:3bwxok05]http://z.about.com/d/pregnancy/1/0/1/4/991aaar.jpg[/img:3bwxok05] little pic of a scan done at 8 weeks for ya!
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
oh wow charli that is amazing.
charli Posts: 5994
i know!!!! - also posted some on Dovedros post similiar to yours re your scan at 9/10 weeks hope i am not causing upset for anyone who lost a baby around these weeks by posting these pics :-8