early scan...some questions

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beanie girl Posts: 28
Hi ladies I have an appointment for an early scan next week (will be 9 weeks) my GP requested after previous MC. if anyone has had this could you answer some of my silly questions! :-8 I am completely clueless can I bring DH? or do you normally go alone. Do I need to have full bladder or anything (I have just been googling and getting all this info no idea if it makes sense). I was just told to turn up for the clinic 8am and nothing else. tnx
mischa09 Posts: 1068
Hi Beanie girl. My DH came with me and i needed a full bladder. The first time they tried my bladder wasnt full enough and i was sent off to drink more. Mischa
Emme Posts: 4735
Hi Beanie, I brought DH and intend on bringing him to all of them - like I could stop him! The first two I had were internal at 6 and 7 wks (slight bleeding at 6 so had one) and so definitely no full bladder! But my scan at 10 weeks was a tummy one but I turned up with an empty bladder as I assumed it would be interal. Doh! The picture wasn't brilliant but I saw enough to be happy! So I would say ring and ask and don't feel silly! I would imagine it'll be a tummy scan and you'll need a full but not bursting bladder. Enjoy it though!!
arsenal09 Posts: 286
hey, i had our first scan at 9 weeks aswell and i would say to definately bring your DH with you, such a great moment for you both. I was told to have a full bladder so i drank bottles of water and was bursting to go but my bladder was too full so had to go to loo before they could see anything, they told me in hospital one or two cupful would have been enough....wish someone had told me before hand. At our 9 week scan we couldnt see much to be honest compared to other scans but you can see the little dark blob with the heart beating and that is the most reassuring part, they also check its in the right place etc, at least u know u aren't imagining it as i didnt feel pregnant if u know what i mean. Also just in case you are worried it is a normal scan on your tummy they do for 9 weeks gone and not an internal that they have to do sometimes if you are earlier in weeks. Enjoy every minute, the weeks just whiz by!!
tanyababy. Posts: 511
for the first scan yes you need a full bladder- although my first scan was at 12 weeks but Im sure its the same for a 9 week scan. You dont need a full bladder for the 20 week scan.Its up to you whether you want to bring DH or not but its normal for them to accompany you. My DH has been with me for all of them
cmor Posts: 638
hi, I had a 9 week scan and needed a full bladder! You can of course bring DH, its entirely up to you. Enjoy the scan, its so amazing seeing the heart beat for the first time *)
beanie girl Posts: 28
thanks for all the fast replies. DH and fullish bladder it is..I cannot wait just to see a heart beat and that it is in the right place, it will be such a relief. thanks Ladies :xox
Emme Posts: 4735
Hi Beanie girl, how did you get on?
beanie girl Posts: 28
Emme it is next friday will let you all know, I am counting down the seconds. I am wishing my life away to get past the 12 weeks so I can relax a bit and tell people :o)ll
Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
I had a private 9 week scan, and did bring DH with me (you can bring him to any and all scans, it's only internal exams where they'd ask him to leave the room). I was asked to have a full bladder. Other than that just turn up, I did and it was surreal because it was such a significant thing but felt so casual. Scan was lovely, even at 9 weeks baby looked baby-shaped and was waving its little arms :lvs :lvs :lvs