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HappyMe Posts: 727
Hi I have my first scan in the Coombe at 12.5 weeks. I am 8.5 weeks now and would love some reassurance that all is ok so thinking of paying for a private scan - however I don't want to get one done until I know I could see something as otherwise it would worry me even more. Anyone know how many weeks you should be before going for one? :o)ll
wifee07 Posts: 353
Hi there HappyMe! Congratulations on your pregnancy! I had an EPU scan at 5 weeks and 5 days. Baby was a little full stop beating on screen! I know you're eager to see your little baby, but for what you'll see now I think you're better off holding out for the 12.5 weeks and treat yourself to the extra scan when you're further along, maybe even have one of the 4D scans. When we had our 4D scan it was amazing to see our little babies features. I think we had that about 24 weeks? Can't remember now?! It is amazing even at this early stage to see the little heart beat and know your baby is growing away inside you? For the sake of 4 weeks try hold on!! Easier said then done!!
bam bam Posts: 1756
Hey Happyme, we had a couple of scans early on due to previous miscarraige. One was at 6weeks 4 days and you could see the little heartbeat, the other was a week later closer to eight weeks and we couldn't believe what we could see, granted it was just a little blop really but you could see the head and the body, the brain and the heartbeat, it was such a reassurnce for us, we had another one then at 10weeks 4days and we could see a little hand waving amazing how quickly they grow. If its going to put your mind at ease go for it, when we were booking into the hospital they told us the best time to scan early was around the 8 weeks mark so you're at a perfect stage for that.
babaroo Posts: 329
I had one done at 7 weeks and 3 days - couldnt see very much apart from the little heart flashing on the screen - the rest was just a blob.. If it makes you feel more at ease go for it !! Im having another done at 11W - cant wait !
HappyMe Posts: 727
Great - thanks, 9 weeks on Monday so going to ring and book in. I think because I haven't really had ms it doesn't all feel real and I'm nervous to get too excited. Would just love to see a heartbeat so sounds like I should be able to at this stage all going well :o)ll
fifteensept Posts: 565
HappyMe...I was exactly the same no MS and never got it had a early scan done at 11 wks because I really didnt feel PG at all had and had no signs that everyone else talks about .....just be aware that at 9w u are not going to see at alot but once you see the HB that will make you feel so much better so go for it I didnt regret the private scan well worth the money.....best of luck