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Little Miss Hopeful Posts: 1193
after 3 m/c i'm pregnant and thought i was loosing this one but an early scan last week in EPU revealed heartbeat. Very very happy but with my history of a missed m/c I am very very anxious and would like to get another scan in about 2 weeks time (i'm eight weeks today). Is there anywhere I can get a scan done in the privately?
coconut Posts: 2183
I think there is a place in kilkenny and then the nearest place is dublin!
redfly Posts: 358
Or just go to your EPU complaining of pain. They'll scan you immediately.
Little Miss Hopeful Posts: 1193
Thanks girls I might inquire places in dublin - can't face going to epu as i have been there so many times and our epu you can't just pop in.
slevin Posts: 3
I have previously had a miscarriage & am a bit paronoid. I am 10 weeks tomorrow but last week I went into Portlaoise A & E & they have an early pregnancy clinic from 9 to 5 daily & they gave me a scan & thankfully everything ok. Good luck yourself. Its such a worrying time.
hipbaby Posts: 4530
Hi I was in the EPU last week and they told me if I had any concerns at all to pop in and they would do a scan. I would do this if I were you as otherwise it will cost you a fortune. Just tell them you have been having bad cramps and are worried. once you have been there once you don't need another referral. On DD1 I was there every week (sometime twice a week) as I had a few complications and mostly they were lovely, on one occassion there was an aul grouch on who made me feel like I was time wasting but for the most part they were lovely! HTH
Little Miss Hopeful Posts: 1193
my local hospital you can't pop into to the EPU - you need to get referral letterand a blood test from GP t and then go in at the next morning sitting. Even if you go into A&E you are referred to EPU which is only opened Mon,Wed and Fri Mornings and is packed. It just isn't accessible. As i have had so much bad news in that place I think i'll pay for a private scan - it just brings back such bad memories.
SGirl Posts: 2542
Dr Anna, Loughsheever Business Park, Mullingar (Dr Healy's surgery)- she has a scan machine and is private, i think yu pay the GP fee of €50 and she will scan you. She is lovely too.