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Mrs Big Posts: 919
Hi Everyone I am completely new to this here so please excuse me if my question is dumb.... I am having early scan for heartbeat in 2 weeks time from what I have read on the net some people have had them using a transvaginal scan :ooh not ultrasound. Is that the case here aswell I think a lot of the info I found was american so not sure
serenity Posts: 3675
Hi Mrs Big, Yes, that early into pregnancy it will be an internal scan... It is perfectly fine, infact I found it to be grand. When she puts it in first you may feel a slight bit of discomfort.. I personally found it much better / less uncomfortable than a smear test.... Best of luck with it and congratulations xx :wv
redfly Posts: 358
Hiya, Congrats on your pregnancy :o)ll That early into the pregnancy it'll definitely be an internal scan. I've had 2 and they are completely fine plus you'll get a much clearer picture. Best of luck for the scan
Mrs Big Posts: 919
Thanks redfly and serenity for the replies :thnk Well at least I know what to expect ....a couple of websites refered to it as the [size=59:19ohnjbf]dildo cam[/size:19ohnjbf] ..... :-8 I honestly never thought beyond ttc to everything pregnancy related is new to me.
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
I had an internal too.. didn't bother me in the slightest. WAY less uncomfortable than a smear..
serenity Posts: 3675
The funny thing is... We have had IUI so I was getting those 'dildo cameras' every other day so I am so used to it... but The VERY first day we went into the docs office in the HARI clinic - myself and hubby saw this contraption and were like - holy jesus that's some weapon - the doc had slipped out to get a file.... We were both commenting and wondering what it is. Then he said - hop up on that bed and undress from your leggings down - thought he was going to do an internal with his hand or whatever - next thing he reached for the 'contraption' and with that myself and hubby got a massive fit of the giggles - his through pure hilarity and mine through pure terror :o0 :o0 But they lash on the lubrication and honest to god, it's nothing at all.. Mrs Bean agrees a LOT less uncomfortable than a smear... You will be fine - best of luck xx