early scan today @ just over 5 weeks...

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wifetobe Posts: 1438
What should I expect or what were other people's experiences. Was meant to be at 6 weeks but they wanted me to go earlier due to double booking and I couldnt say no!!! :o)ll
mcglick Posts: 463
i didnt see much only the sac and a little blip of a heartbeat at my scan at 5 weeks, but booooooy is it great :lvs :lvs :lvs
wifetobe Posts: 1438
Do they give you a lil pic anyway cos h2b can't come :o(
mcglick Posts: 463
i did ...think i got 2 best of luck :lvs
arsenal09 Posts: 286
I have a scan next week at 8 weeks, do u know if it will be an internal or external scan..
Maybump Posts: 527
Just wondering why your all going for an early scan? I was with my GP on Friday just to confirm and give me my dates. She just gave me the info and told me to ring to make first appointment at 12 weeks. Is this normal or should I go for early scan? [url=http://www.TickerFactory.com/] [img:31bzagfv]http://tickers.TickerFactory.com/ezt/d/1;20;121/st/20090501/dt/5/k/b198/preg.png[/img:31bzagfv] [/url]