Early Scan what week?

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marriedinmay Posts: 578
Hello, I was thinking about getting an early ultrasound I don't want to have that one that goes internally. I wish I could wait till 12 weeks but really wouldn't mind some ressurance :-8 Anyway I thought I'd ask the experts when do you think is the best time to make an appointment for? :wv
Elegance Posts: 2848
i had an early scan at 7w+4 and it was an external one. if you can wait until 8 weeks, you should be fine!
marriedinmay Posts: 578
Can I ask how much it cost? I am driving myself nuts reading stories that are so upsetting :o(
Wild Child Posts: 1694
I had my scan last week at 7weeks 3days and she gave me an internal one! I didnt care at the time I had a scare that morning so just wanted to make sure baby was ok.....to be honest it wouldnt bother me having another internal it was not bad at all I was worried about nothing! Elegance is right though around 8weeks you would be safe enough!
mamadotie Posts: 884
I had an early scan at 9 weeks and it was great - not only could we see the heartbeat, but you could clearly see the little arms and legs moving. It cost €120 and was worth every penny for the peace of mind.
marriedinmay Posts: 578
Thanks :wv In Ireland when do you get your first scan if going public?
redfly Posts: 358
Hi I've had 2 internal scans already on this baby. Honestly they are totally fine and you get a much clearer picture on screen.
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
Where did you all go to get early scan? My first scan is not until 16 weeks and think I'll go made waiting that long!
redfly Posts: 358
I had mine done at the EPU in my hospital at 5 weeks and 9 weeks because I was having pain.
Wild Child Posts: 1694
Winter B2B - I went to the EPU in the Coombe but that is because of my previous history. I know there is a place in Blackrock that does early scans and Mount Carmel in Churchtown and the Beacon Clinic in Sandyford and I'm sure there are loads more I think they range from €120 - €170 depending where you go! Marriedinmay - It depends what hospital your attending the Coombe usually give an appointment as near to 12weeks as they can and Holles Street usually give one around 16weeks or so......have you not booked into a hospital yet?