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ItalianBride2014 Posts: 64
Hi Everyone, I have a fantastic opportunity for you to earn extra income and run your own business from home. Please pm me your email address if you would like more information. I am a sahm to 2 girls and I work my business around them which is brilliant. Thanks,
ItalianBride2014 Posts: 64
I have a brilliant YouTube animated clip explaining a great opportunity if you email me I can pass it on to you. I can't seem to put it here from my I Pad. Thanks a mil,
ItalianBride2014 Posts: 64
Thank you for your message. I am working mainly from my Facebook page kingaloevera1 where we have the online shop support from our Company so it's all set up for us. Best of luck with your business. If you know anyone that might be interested as a Customer or as a team member you might let them know about it! Thanks
ItalianBride2014 Posts: 64
Jess24 Posts: 4
Hi! Can you be more specific? What is the job about? I'd love to know more about this opportunity from this thread if possible. Thanks :)
ItalianBride2014 Posts: 64
Hi Jess24, Thank you for your message. I have sent you a pm as the forum doesn't allow members to promote a business. Thanks, Italianbride