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Blitz Posts: 583
Still don't know how to post a - just want to know what you all think of these earrings - in clear obviously...my dress has a few rectangular stones on the bust area so think these might match - was hoping maybe some of you might no of other similar earrings that I could choose between.... Also considering some sort of chandlier earrings or something just longer.. http://www.johngreeddesign.co.uk/index. ... _cat_id=15
Serendipity2009 Posts: 1224
Hi Blitz I think they are really lovely, and especially if you have any crystals in your dress, they will really compliment this. SB x
Blitz Posts: 583
Thanx SB - would like to maybe change into longer chandelier type for the evening..think that if I went for them during the day I 'mite' look back and regret it photo wise in years to come...Ex there was a time when I thought my big hoops looked great :o0
newlyengaged Posts: 255
i think they are really lovely. Im going for the long chandelier earrings myself - if your looking for some ideas i got mine on this site and they are fab! http://www.glitzysecrets.com/earrings.html
Blitz Posts: 583
Newengaged thats a great website.. Mite even change into chandeliers for the evening...
Elban26 Posts: 2458
Blitz, your earrings are fab, :lvs them!!
Blitz Posts: 583
Thanx for ur nice comments :-8 Its soo good to get feedback as you can't show too many people..
cremebrulee Posts: 8546
those earrings are really, really nice......
newlyengaged Posts: 255
[quote="Blitz":r5ueml6a]Newengaged thats a great website.. Mite even change into chandeliers for the evening...[/quote:r5ueml6a] They are really nice and deliver so quick. Actually bought two pairs (first pair fab but didnt suit!) Now im lookin for a nice bracelet but ive tiny wrists so need to try them on first!
mrs_c_to_be Posts: 534
I think your earrings are beautiful and they're your something blue :lvs