Earrings - Wrecking my head!!!

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DillieDallie Posts: 423
Hi Ladies Regular posters please forgive me as I have posted about this previously.... However with only weeks to go and no earrings, I'm seriously starting to panic :weep Can anyone please help me? I am looking for some drop pearl Earrings (preferably cream), that ideally have a bit of bling also. Nothing in Debenhams/ GlitzySecrets/ Knightsbridge Boutique..... Thanks in advance! :thnk
Sprocket Posts: 1671
I had the same problem as you and I ended up getting these which were exactly what I wanted. [attachment=1:23yhnfyg]earrings.JPG[/attachment:23yhnfyg] Only £7.50 in M&S http://www.marksandspencer.com/Faux-Pea ... 1317656193 They also have these in a set for £16 [attachment=0:23yhnfyg]earrings 2.JPG[/attachment:23yhnfyg] http://www.marksandspencer.com/Faux-Pea ... 1317656193
Crazy in lurve Posts: 196
I know how you feel!! I was in the same position but was lucky enough to get some the wedding fair in Citywest (Knightsbridge) I can picture what you're looking for and saw something very like them in Newbridge Silverware on Sunday, they're from the Princess Grace collection..... http://www.newbridgesilverware.com/pres ... rings.aspx or http://www.newbridgesilverware.com/pres ... 38401.aspx HTH :thnk
Mari yay Posts: 4045
Have you tried any of the jewellery suppliers on WOL? Some of the stuff is fab
Jawl Posts: 8881
You tried your bridal shop?? Or any bridal shop for that matter. I got some gorgeous jewellery for my BM's in the shop where I got my dress. She had a really good selection including a few 'drop' earrings.
loveslegacy Posts: 208
HI There This is a few of the drop earrings I have in stock. Pm me if you want any more info Nicola[attachment=0:2ot1h116]GK62E.jpg[/attachment:2ot1h116][attachment=0:2ot1h116]GK62E.jpg[/attachment:2ot1h116][attachment=1:2ot1h116]den63e.jpg[/attachment:2ot1h116][attachment=2:2ot1h116]GK09E.jpg[/attachment:2ot1h116]
peacockgirl Posts: 1312
Are you near Dublin? I got these earrings for my wedding in Cherry's jewellery shop in St. Stephen's Green shopping centre for €18... [attachment=2:3fuefk84]my earrings 2.jpg[/attachment:3fuefk84] Also have a look on http://www.vintage-goddess.com They have these: [attachment=1:3fuefk84]vintage goddess earrings 1.JPG[/attachment:3fuefk84] [attachment=0:3fuefk84]vintage goddess earrings 2.JPG[/attachment:3fuefk84] or these? http://www.jewelleryshoponline.ie/pearl ... 1094-p.asp http://www.jewelleryshoponline.ie/gemin ... 3634-p.asp This site is a bit more expensive but has beautiful stuff... http://www.vintageheaddresses.com/vintage_earrings.html best of luck :wv
justwaitin Posts: 2462
I hear you, ive just bought my fourth pair
DillieDallie Posts: 423
Ladies thanks so much, you've been so helpful!!! @Sprocket - would you believe they're my back up pair, they're lush arent they! Just looking for something a bit more bling if I cant find it.... @Crazy in lurve - I had spied those too, love them, they're just so classy arent they, only problem is they are super white and I need something a bit more creamy. @Jawl - Yes I've tried all the ones around Grafton street, surprised at how little they had to be honest, where was your bridal shop, you're down the country arent you? @PeacockGirl - Bingo!!!! The second pair of vintage goddess are exactly what I'm looking for! But they're out of stock :weep Have emailed them to see when they are getting them back in so fingers crossed. Thanks girlies!!!! :wv
mobmar Posts: 642
Some lovely stuff here: http://www.glitzysecrets.com/earrings.html?all=all