earthquake in rome

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kittypurry Posts: 897
hi girls just heard on the news about the earthquake in rome :eek cant believe it happened in rome of all it'll be dublin anyway when i heard it my first thought was to one of the wollies on here who said she was off to rome last week to be married last saturday. i hope herself, new husband and all family & friends are safe :o(
seans missus Posts: 1381
I know. It is scary. I just told my Mum and she said the same as you-It will be Dublin next. Hope everyone from here is safe and well.
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
27 dead in Italian earthquake Monday, 6 April 2009 10:38 At least 27 people have been killed and thousands left homeless by a strong earthquake in central Italy. A further 30 people are reported missing after the earthquake in the Abruzzo region, shortly after 3.30am (2.30am Irish time) this morning. Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has cancelled a planned visit to Russia and declared a state of emergency. Guido Bertolaso, head of Italy's public safety department, warned the toll would rise. 'It's an event that will mobilise the nation for many weeks,' he said, adding that at least 10,000 homes or buildings were damaged. The epicentre of the 5.8 magnitude earthquake was some 5km below L'Aquila, which is in the Apennine mountains, 100km northeast of Rome. The US Geological Survey recorded the tremor at 6.3, but may have been using a different version of the scale. The town is devastated, and emergency workers are reporting severe damage within a 30km radius of the town. Many homes are reported to have collapsed. Thousands of L'Aquila's 68,000 residents remain in the streets fearing aftershocks after being startled awake by the quake in the early hours of the morning. Police have also confirmed that five people were killed in the small towns of Castelnuovo, one in Poggio Picenze, one in Tormintarte and two in Fossa, including a three-year-old girl. The quake came just hours after a 4.6-magnitude tremor shook Italy's north-central region with no reports of damage
Mrs Mia Wallace Posts: 869
Earthquake was a 100k from Rome so the wollie marrying in rome would be safe and sound. So terrible though :o(