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mrs moon Posts: 129
Is it just me or does the Oz woman's voice (that is using Minty) annoy anyone else. It goes through me, worse then the feeling of cotton wool!!!!
Gabby Posts: 2873
its not just her voice its the slanty eyes on her she looks so sly and that feckin sid needs a kick up the arse. those two should be kicked off really beginning to p%$" me off now
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
i HATE her no offence to any aussies but that accent does my head in
mrs moon Posts: 129
Ya, I mean she is a proper tramp. Imagaine to turn Minty away when he had no where else to live, and him paying her rent!!
Port Princess Posts: 1154
She's a right bit*h isn't she!!! She does my head in!
Dreamster Posts: 6620
She's about as australien as me! The fakest accent ever!
Shivers25 Posts: 271
Why can't they just give poor Minty a break.....the man has a miserable existance....the Arches to the Vic.....the Arches to the Vic..... I know he's getting a bit of action now but why couldn't they write him a happy storyline!
Princess Cinders Posts: 11475
Only watch the soaps occasionally now, think Minty does deserve a break, can anyone else remember when he first came to EE and was a dodgy landlord that ran the bedsits
Glittergal Posts: 1504
Yeah I remember that, what happened to that place I dont remember him ever selling it or was he just running it for someone else? I remember him when Laura, Billy and Janine were all renting and he was so mean.