Easy low-carb lunches?

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R2theB Posts: 1660
Hi folks, any suggestions for lunches I can bring in to work that are really easy to make (possibly the night before as I'm loathe to get up any earlier than I have to) to bring in to work. I'm always saying I'm going to make bean stew or nice salads, but when it comes down it I'm never organised or bothered enough and end up buying a sandwich on my break. Need to stop eating manky pre-packed sambos, [i:s04gdfs3]all[/i:s04gdfs3] the calories, [i:s04gdfs3]none[/i:s04gdfs3] of the taste! Your ideas are most welcome. :wv
belcra Posts: 1097
Hi, I'm doing low carbs and lunch is probably the hardest meal. I make lentil soup at home and bring it in. Only takes 30 mins including prep so I make as I'm cooking dinner. Lentils are carbs but v good carbs and keep me full all day. Happy to share the recipe if you like. If I don't have that with me and I have to buy I would get a wrap made up over a sandwich. I try to go for a salad plate instead though. Are you near a marks and spensors? I buy no carb salad there and some breast of chicken and they are good - though ends up expensive as you are buying a few products. You can get the same in telco / Dunnes too. I'm nearer M&S so don't walk further sometimes. They have great soups too with no carbs or potatoes in. Today I was out for lunch - I had a burger with no bun and green salad instead of chips. If you have any other ideas would be delighted to hear.
lovebaby Posts: 424
Make your own salad (Bag of lettuce, tomato, pack of ham, onion, colesaw, beetroot) Extra light mayo if you need it or low fat salad cream. If you bring all the above it will do you for 3 days and its lovely. Time to prepare in work 3 mins.
jennifer1981 Posts: 5
Hey I have started bringing in my lunches too and a few of them are butternut squash soup which is delicious, half the Butternut squash de seed and peel and cut up in to chunks. in a pan add a small spray of olive oil, fry a crushed clove of garlic, and add an cut up onion for a few mins, then add the chopped BNS stir for a few mins and add about 300/400mls of veg stock, boil for about 20/30 mins and then blend, its yummy and very creamy with out anything bad Other options are your own salad, night b4 get a chicken fillet wrap in tin foil and put in oven for 30 mins to cook a fillet would last me two days for this or use the chicken in a wrap or in a pitta with a bit of cheese if you toast a brown pitta in the morning add the chicken and some cheese, onion and some pepper and then in work 2/3 mins in microwave ... tuna pitta also nice...
KateMidleton Posts: 5
It's alot easier if you have a microwave in work you can bring in leftover dinners like chorizo and bean stew or omelettes. Or you can get some fish and vegetables and microwave them. Fish works really well in the microwave. Or salads with a chicken breast or some steak you've cooked the night before and tossed cajun spices is nice. Or smoked salmon salad. There are loads of gorgeous options.