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Cheeky Monkey Posts: 52
helpme, just so you know VHI cover St. Pat's, not sure how much they cover as an outpatient, but they definitely cover costs as an inpatient. If you are interested in it, all you need is a cert from your GP for the duration of the course and from what I know (from my friend) there isn't a problem getting it, and your GP would probably only be to happy to help you. All your employers need to know is you're sick and not able to work. For all they know you've a bad flu for example (this is what my friend did). Most doctors have two types of cert - 1 where they explain why you're not able to work, the other which my friend used doesn't give a reason, just states you are unable to work between X and Y, and to be honest your employers are not entitled to know why, it's a personal medical illness and basically its your business.
helpme_08 Posts: 11
thanks so much for that - im with quinn healthcare but i guess i could find out from them if they wud cover the cost.. to all who posted - a big thank you - il feeling much better that i know i have some options now to work forward with this xx :lvs