Eating my words today!!

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Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
im 38 weeks preg and the whole way through emotions never really got to me, hormones affected me in other ways with nail growth hair growth, skin changes etc but i was always was in great form, today i just broke down for no reason and ate head off hubby, i feel since im at home im cleaning up after him all the time and hes not pulling his weight the way he used to when i was working, so i said it to him, as it will be hard enough when baby comes, the thing is im not one to let a house get to me, im usually so laid back so i think i shocked him :o0 i just started crying ha ha, im getting over it now though, out of the system. Feel bad for him though! i snapped the other day at him but then started to laugh but never cried until today. anyone else feeling like this? is it just the last few weeks that gets tough?
Jeidi Posts: 3128
I'd say more poor husband would swap places with your husband anyday. Only one Bollocking in the whole pregnancy!
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
:o0 :o0 when i look at like that!!!Im a saint really!. Just hope the next 2 weeks wont make up for it :-8 ....i usually get bad PMT so he had a nice break. The thoughts of going back to that.
Mammypig Posts: 832
mrs electric - i go through this at least once a week and also get annoyed at dd ( :-8 ) i hate to admit. Just get so sick of running around tidying up after them and my latest bash is " I can't be tidying up after 3 babies when this one comes along". dh is great for a day or 2 then goes back to his usual. when i'm not pregnant I've just learnt to accept it but hormones take over big time when i am pregnant. ah men, what would we do without them!!!
mrs.smiffy Posts: 1747
I'm moaning at DH for being a mess with or without pregnancy... :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 but yes the last few weeks of pregnancy are the worst- at least for me, constant lack of relaxing sleep, being on my own at home & bored (don't know anyone in this town), still getting bigger&having trouble to get up from the couch, all the pains and DH not helping with his 6days a week (60hrs) job... :o( DH is doing his best though when he's at home & I ask him to do things.. Havent mopped the house in like 2 or 3 weeks - only managed to hoover downstairs. DH promised to clean the house properly on his next day off - but he didnt had a day off in 2 weeks now.
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
Thanks girls, i feel better im not the only one. Hubby was home last night looking at T.V and i was trying to talk to him and all i was getting was em yea em O:| O:| he does this a lot, but the day i was having it was very dangerous for him :o0 anyway got up to go to bed and i had candle lighting and i had to lift it to blow it out, candle wax went everywhere :-8 :o( i mean everywhere, but i tell ye it was one way of getting his attention, he cleaned it up for me. :o0 anyway still feeling ok today, we might be going out for meal tonight, try to enjoy last 2 weeks of freedom. :wv