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candlequeen Posts: 991
Ohhhhhhhh it's on the way, girls!!!!! Just got an e-mail from DHL on Tuesday to say it had left China, and got another one this morning saying it arrived in Dublin last night and is with the courier now!!!! I can't sit down I'm so excited..... For those of ye who don't know, this is the dress that I've ordered off eBay for less than €130 after sending in my measurements to a lovely chinese seller. I'm so excited!!!! O-O :o)ll Will let ye know what it's like, CAN NOT WAIT. Ohmigod what if it's horrible....
macattack Posts: 1617
Good luck! Fingers crossed for you that it's everything you hoped for. Can't wait to hear how it goes. Exciting times!! :o)ll
hadtoleave Posts: 2522
so exciting let us know what it is like! i got my BM dresses delivered on Tuesday and the excitement levels were through the roof so can only imagine how excited you are with your wedding dress :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
[quote="macattack":3oqncumy]Good luck! Fingers crossed for you that it's everything you hoped for. Can't wait to hear how it goes. Exciting times!! :o)ll[/quote:3oqncumy] + 1..... I'm excited for you :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Bride2be040812 Posts: 1182
Aw that's great!! It's so exciting - I couldnt breathe the day my dress was being delivered a couple of weeks ago. I am sure it will be fab but try not to stress too much if its not. There's loads you could get done with a couple of alterations and at the end of the day, I know €130 is still money but its not the end of the world either if you know what I mean. If it was 3000 and it wasnt right I would panic!! Best of luck with it all!! :wv
Meggi Posts: 383
Oh wow, that is exciting. Best of luck, I hope it is perfect. I'll be dying to hear.
candlequeen Posts: 991
Thank you girls! Siobhan that's what I thought when I was ordering it - I mean I'd cry if i lost €130 but at the end of the day it's not a huge amount of money considering the price of every other wedding-related thing! HURRY UP DRIVER :hyper:
Lennyx Posts: 242
Aw candlequeen I remember your original thread. Can't believe it's nearly here already :o)ll YAY for you :)!!! Dying to hear what you think of it when it arrives. My sister order hers from China and it's FAB I :lvs it!!
Mollykins Posts: 69
I got mine from China too, I remember getting the tracking number and watching it fly across the world, I was glued to the DHL site, it was so exciting! I hope it's everything you dreamed of!
candlequeen Posts: 991
Just picked it up! The package was TINY, I nearly passed out when he handed it to me. It's not exactly like the image, but I LOVE it!! I'm going to have to wait to try it on properly when there's someone else here - it's just me and the 7 year old and he's allergic to anything girly!!! Ah I'm over the moon lads - I don't need it taken up, and thank god I added the few inches around the middle - I've put on a good half stone since I gave up smoking and it looks like it'll just close. Over the moon with it, for the price the quality is absolutely amazing. The only thing wrong is that there's no loop to tie the train up but I didn't specify that I wanted one, so I'll get that done here. Fab!!!! Here's a quick look, it's very creased and it's not zipped up...but.... I HAVE A WEDDING DRESS!!! :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: [img]Deleted[/img]