eBay Dress - what you reckon!?

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olbol Posts: 280
Hello ladies..... So here's the thing..I've never ruled out the idea of getting my dress second hand or on eBay..in fact one of my BM's found the dress she loved in the shop (£1900) and then found a second hand, worn once at a registry office, version on eBay €250, incl postage!! So when I found out the dress I had my eye on has been discontinued my BM extrodinaire went on a hunt and found a dress on eBay - made in China. Picture is pretty much identical to what I was looking at but the cost is phenomenally cheaper!! I'm thinking - feic it - worst case scenario I do a few extra tutorials to cover the cost and a charity shop earns a nice donation, or it'll be okay and I can put the balance towards the Louboutins I want to wear on the day - teeheehee!! :o0 What you think: ??????
Bazinga T McBinkers Posts: 4718
I would go for it! Looks lovely!
Bellisima Posts: 3583
I cant open the link so cant see it but does the seller have feedback attached to their name? Id be somewhat wary of this to be honest but as you say its a calculated risk and if you're prepared to be unhappy with it then you can only be pleasantly surprised?
olbol Posts: 280
99.8% positive feedback....can't really say much else after that can you. I like how you put it - pleasantly surprised would be nice! Here's the link again:
dream2012 Posts: 83
Gorgeous dress! Seller has lots of positive feedback and it's so cheap. Definitely go for it! If you don't I might!
Bellisima Posts: 3583
[quote="olbol":31af5l40]99.8% positive feedback....can't really say much else after that can you. I like how you put it - pleasantly surprised would be nice! Here's the link again: [/quote:31af5l40] I dont know what the problem is - still wont open for me. Feedback is really positive so that would reassure me massively. You'll have to let us know what its like when you get it!
Bellisima Posts: 3583
Oh I see it now - just took ages to load - its absolutely gorgeous!!!
dresstoimpress Posts: 1719
Have read so many horror stories of child labour in China, there is no way I'd buy this dress. Its a beautiful dress that costs around 2000 new from a bridal shop, how could they possibly sell it so cheap, if they use quality ethically-produced fabrics, and fair labour?????
happyfamily Posts: 3323
I've heard stories of people getting dresses like this on ebay and they're ok but NOT identical to picture and fabric can look cheap and discolour if you're storing it for a few months. I'd also personally have an ethical issue with it but that's a whole other thread! You would need to have it delivered early enough that you could still order one through a shop if it all goes pear shaped
luckyladee Posts: 2550
I think that because there are so many mixed reports on this form people I think you certainly shouldn't put yourself in the position of relying on it. But like you say, if you're prepared for the fact that it may not work out, and that you can deal with taking the hit on it, then I reckon it's worth a shot. Don't forget that you could also keep your eye on the Buy and Sell section here. You may well find another wollie selling a dress that's similar....