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mrswifey09 Posts: 1300
Hi all, Long story....shortish.... just a quick question about an EBS savings account that was opened for me when I was a baby by my Granny, basically my gran put money into it when we were born and added to it every so often. I never touched mine but used to get letters in th post bout it every yr, so basically we got a letter in 2002 to say that we must lodge something/withdraw to keep th account open otherwise it would become a dormant account, so my dad did this and got a savings book! BUT.... when I moved house about 5 yrs ago I never thought about changing the address on th account..... so I suppose what I'm asking can I just walk in tomorrow wit Id and my account book and withdraw this money or will i need to fill in forms etc??? also it says beside my name on th book NO WDLS?! Thanks!!
Kickasswife Posts: 4051
Wdls - could be withdrawals? I'd say you'll have to call them and check it out...
Mrs Orr Posts: 9
yeah you can the withdraw once u bring photo and address id. its says no wdls cos a minor cant withdraw until they are 18