Ecg in Pregnancy

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somanyqs Posts: 262
Hi Looking for some info/advice. I fainted in work on Monday went to doc had low bp so he signed me off for few days, I mentioned heart was racing before I fainted so he is recommending ecg. I know nothing about ecg aside from scary Dr Google. Was feeling better due back in work today but went for a lil walk yesterday was out of breath and exhausted even though I walked at snails pace. Anyone ever had anything similar am worried thankfully baby quite active at the min to reassure me! Am 17 wks btw.
mamime Posts: 791
I had low bp during pregnancy and also low iron levels. Have you had your iron checked? Low iron can make you tired btw. I had this shortness of breath and racing heart, but was putting it down to size of the baby, he was big. Plus i had bad heartburn. But when i talked to my doc he was also suggesting anxiety. I took an iron supplement for a few weeks and I had to take it easy i was told, rest when i could and drink lots of water and bouillon for the low bp.. salt helps i was told. Don't take iron though without docs say-so as too much iron can also be harmful. Are you having any stress perhaps or really worried about the pregnancy? Try take it easy and if you can get time off work, use it to switch off and relax. If an ecg was recommended i'd get it, just to put yourself at rest so you know you are fit for labour. I am wondering now what the heart racing was for me because it continued after the birth. I was very aware of it lying in bed the few days i was in hospital. The docs thought it was tension and anxiety as i had a section (due to big baby, not my heart ;)) and i was holding myself stiff with pain etc. but i really got no other explanation. It is gone now and hadn't thought of it til i read your post! Maybe it was due to low bp. Yet all i hear is that low bp isn't a bad thing.. Hope you keep well though for the rest of your pregnancy.
somanyqs Posts: 262
Thanks mamime. Got blood tests done waiting on results. Hoping it's Something simple take a tablet and move on fingers crossed
mamime Posts: 791
Thats great, that will tell you your iron levels. Hopefully it is something straight forward. If you are the same as me though, all is right as rain one week after the birth ;) For me i blame it on boys :P Whatever did they do back in the day i always wonder ;) Even breastfeeding my ds at the moment and i've cracked nipples and wouldn't be without my creams and comforts and am wondering how the hell they coped in the middle ages!!! :eek
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
I had ECG done yrs ago, it's nothing scary, Just put things on my chest that were hooked upto the heart monitor and it just registered your heart rate. I also have low bp, before I would feel faint I'd get real weak and my heart would race, I've been advised to drink plenty of water and take your time getting up when lying or sitting down. If your taking iron take spatone it doesn't cause constipation. I find if I eat as soon as I get up it helps. HTH.