Ecg in Pregnancy

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somanyqs Posts: 262
Hi Looking for some info/advice. I fainted in work on Monday went to doc had low bp so he signed me off for few days, I mentioned heart was racing before I fainted so he is recommending ecg. I know nothing about ecg aside from scary Dr Google. Was feeling better due back in work today but went for a lil walk yesterday was out of breath and exhausted even though I walked at snails pace. Anyone ever had anything similar am worried thankfully baby quite active at the min to reassure me! Am 17 wks btw.
Flower Girl Posts: 1645
An ECG is just a visual record of the heartbeat - they put little stickers on your chest and a machine reads your heart rate and rhythm for a few seconds, then prints out a tracing of it. It's completely safe, painless and takes less than a minute. It's very common for the heart rate to be a bit fast in pregnancy due to low blood pressure, anaemia or just the extra work it has to do to support your baby. Hope all goes well.