Eco-friendly nappies, does your county council accept them ?

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Sassy Sally Posts: 306
Hi all, I'm hoping to use Moltex eco-friendly nappies for the baby when he / she arrives. I was under the impression that they were compostable but I contacted my County Council (Fingal) and they won't accept them in the brown bin - do any co co's accept them and if not, what do you do with them ?? I'm trying not to put my black bin out as much as I used to coz it costs each time but will have to put it out a lot if I have to bin the nappies ?!?! Thanks for your help with this !! Sassy :wv
hipbaby Posts: 4530
Our guys will in Westmeath but doubt that is much help for you. Are the Moltext ones compostable??
Sassy Sally Posts: 306
Thanks for that, it's good to know that some councils will coz I can go back to Fingal and ask them to look into it at least !! According to the Moltex blurb they are compostable - are they the ones you're using or is there another brand out there ?? Sassy :wv
neeov Posts: 4256
Can you compost them at home?
Sassy Sally Posts: 306
That's what the hubby has just suggested when I told him that Fingal won't accept them so I suppose we'll try that. I wonder how long does decomposition take bearing in mind how many nappies a newborn is likely to get through :eek Sassy :wv
neeov Posts: 4256
Could be a while.. There is a special cone digester you can get which is supposed to be faster, I don't know what its called but you bury part of it in the soil so its supposed to be faster. Composting normal garden waste take over a year for us, even though websites will say 6-8 weeks!!
pattie Posts: 2379
I think they compost quickly in a wormery. AFAIK Dairy Queen did this and they broke down in a couple of months. Maybe you can PM her.
silíní Posts: 4219
THey won't accept them in Waterford either! I use moltex and i have to put them in ordinary bin! At least i know they will biodegrade!!
Blackbird Posts: 5135
We are with a private refuse collector and they won't accept moltex in their brown compost bins. I rang them about it and they said they have been told that they won't break down, although they are branded as compostable. We use cloth nappies but we use a few disposables a week too so I'd love to switch to moltex and put them in the brown bin. I use the Boots eco ones instead, which aren't compostable but have fewer chemicals in them than ordinary nappies. Moltex are expensive but I wouldn't mind as much if they could go in the brown bin.