Eczema while pregnant?

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galway07 Posts: 660
I got eczema on my hands for. the first time after DS was born. Thought it was from all the bottle washing and hand washing with a new baby. Have it again now during this pregnancy. Trying to use gloves as much as possible . Skin is cracked and bleeding. Have a steroid cream but avoid using it unless I really have to. I`ve googled it but haven`t come up with much. It`s just wierd that I`m getting it at this stage of my life - just wondering if anyone has any experience?
fifibelle Posts: 4447
Hiya, I have eczema and it is much worse since I am pg as you are told NOT to use steroid creams by the docs. However I refuse to go around with a scabby red oozing face so I use a [u:33dcbyf9]tiny[/u:33dcbyf9] bit on my face now & then when things get really ugly. Didnt use it for the first 12 weeks though.
GabrielleSolis Posts: 207
I have eczema all the time aswell, playing up as usual with the cold weather. I asked the doctor in the Coombe was it ok to use the steroid creams for flare ups, she said yeah, as long as u use it sparingly. So only use it now in red scratchy emergencies!!
blondiechick Posts: 1641
I get it too. Have you tried using Oilatum? I find it works wonders.
fifibelle Posts: 4447
My sis swears by Oilatum too but unfortunatley it doesnt work on me :o( DH is convinced babs will be born with eczema and he will have to watch the two of us scratching away! :o0
happymam2b Posts: 20
I suffer very badly from eczema. Have my entire life. I've tried everything for it and in my opinion and experience stay away from anything with steroids in. They've never helped me. I wear gloves if I'm doing any household chores where I'll come into contact with chemicals. Other than that I stick to aqueous cream - which you can get very very cheaply in any chemist and aply this liberally whenever I feel my skin getting tight. If it's reall bad I buy vitimin e capsules with the liquid on the inside and break these open directly on to the broken skin. Also I drink a lot of water and put baby oil/olive oil is it's very bad on my skin as soon as I step out of the shower. My eczema is so much better since I've adopted these measures. Hope they help.
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
I've got eczema for first time in my life at 16 weeks. It's not really bad (not scabby or oozy) just in a lot of places (legs, arms, neck, belly). The doctor told me to use E45 cream and I find it really helps, as long as I apply it at least twice a day. Also she told me to up my water intake and give it air as much as possible.