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ahoh11 Posts: 21
hi all, So am heading dress shopping in Drogheda this Saturday - have no idea of prices so don't want to shock myself - I know the prices vary but I hear Edel Tuite is very good and like the idea of getting a dress made to suit me but want to be realistic going to her - anyone any ideas of her price range - had a peak on her website and like the look of "Claudia". Thanks a mill
Twirl Posts: 5598
Hi ahoh11 have a fab time in edels she is brilliant. Im getting my dress there too and just know the price of that one but be prepared to spend over €2k anyway im not sure if there is anything under it and dont know how far the prices go up either. Im just going to go in and have a look at claudia. PM me if you want price of mine.
Twirl Posts: 5598
Just had a look at Claudia, its gorgeous :o)ll :o)ll