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ticking clock Posts: 20
hi everyone, I dont post very often...more of a lurker really but I cant not post this. I just did a test this morning and it was positive.....!!! I genuinley dont know how to feel...mostly I'm really excited but also I am a bit terrified! we havent been trying per se but we also haven't been NOT trying IYKWIM! havent told himself yet as he is at work and I know he wouldnt ben able to cope sitting there thinking about it on his own!!! I'm just wondering what do I do now???? did any of you feel like this?
Gingham Posts: 3014
congratulations ticking clock...its a great feeling but yes I think everyone even when it is planned feels a mixture of emotions when they find out.... I was so happy but also abit scared but i think that is normal...first thing to do would be to tell your hubbie and then maybe over the next few weeks, book in with your doctor. Maybe have a think about what hospital you would like to go to..waiting times can be quite long so best to get in early and make an appointment. Most thing to do now is relax and enjoy it i wish you a happy and healthy 9 months!!
Emme Posts: 4735
Congratultions!! I had to wait a few hours before telling DH as well and sat on Wol for most of the afternoon - it's a very strange feeling isn't it. Life changing thing just happened and everything is going on as normal! I went off for a sleep and prepared a little clue for DH for when he came home! :o)ll
Beaubelle Posts: 741
Congrats TC!! Wishing you all the best. When I found out I didn't know what to think... I was so excited but didn't believe it (and still don't)! DH was with me and I only did a test to shut him up and prove we weren't preggers cos he was convinced we were (DTD ONCE without protection!...and at what I thought was a safe time!!!) So needless to say we were in shock when we found out, me more so than him.... Though now after its sank in, (countless positive HPTs later) we are both so happy about it and looking forward to baby shopping etc in the future.. Such an exciting time!!! Congrats again!!! :o)ll :o)ll
ticking clock Posts: 20
hey guys, thanks so much for the lovely replies.....its great to have this forum to chat cos obviously I dont want to tell anyone really yet. I told himself when he got home today...he is really excited but also freaking out too! Did another test with him and again it was positive so I made an app for the doc on monday. How did any of ye keep your mouth shut??
funkyfish Posts: 7626
yepeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :o)ll :o)ll
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
Congrats ticking clock :o)ll We only found out on wednesday and i was at the doctor today to confirm it. We are still in shock. We are so excited but also very scared. I woke up yesterday morning a little paniced about coping but I think it is very normal really to feel like this.